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  • Paperback
  • 344
  • Archie of Outlandish
  • Lynnette Kraft
  • en
  • 22 August 2018
  • 9780991110964

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Read Archie of Outlandish Read Archie of Outlandish ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Able and fears for the future begin to surface When Archie and Tallie find themselves on diverging paths only their faith can help them cope with separation miscommunication and unspoken anxieties that could keep them apart forev. Archie of Outlandish is an awesome book which I found very pleasurable Not only was the story well written but also clean full of kindness and love This is a great book for all ages of people to read and I highly recommend it to all

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Archie of Outlandish

Read Archie of Outlandish Read Archie of Outlandish ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ed to be living in the midst of the scenic beaches fine restaurants and charming attractions found in the town of Outlandish But when Tallie a photographer comes to town and introduces herself to Archie their connection is undeni. This was a sweet enjoyable read Our hero Archie is afflicted with a condition that doesn t allow him to look up without panic attacks But he hasn t let that keep him down No he has adapted and is living life as large as he possibly can given his limitations Archie is perfectly imperfect He accepts who he is with grace humor and peace His parents are so supportive loving and nurturing and allow him to grow into his own He is struggling to find his own way in life and meets Tallie who is charmed by his humor his acceptance of himself his gentlemanly and godly ways I too was charmed by Archie s ways This is just a beautiful simple story and is summed up by this uote Not every life looks the same Different doesn t mean less significant or less potential If you want a uick read that will just make you feel good on the inside then take a chance on this one

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Read Archie of Outlandish Read Archie of Outlandish ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub At 20 years old Archibald Plumby has learned to accept his odd phobia of not being able to look up into open spaces without having a panic attack He enjoys life under his umbrellas where he feels safe He knows he's a little spoil. Archie lives in Outlandish a small uirky town that is popular with tourists Archie was born with a fear of open spaces and always carries an umbrella around Though he tried therapy for years it didn t help and he has adjust life to his fear Archie is also a writer for the local newspaper When a photographer comes to shoot Outlandish Archie and her assistance Tallie strike up a friendship The writing was good and the illustrations in the book were adorable The whole concept of the book itself is really uaint and cute I think it s targeted at a younger audience than me though which might be why I didn t enjoy it as much I also got pretty bored reading about it It s just not exciting to read about other people s lives and aspirations when they do normal things like I do normal things to and it s just tedious to me to read about him being friends with Tallie and getting his book published I do appreciate the effort behind the book though and just want to say that even though it s not for me it was really adorable and I do think someone else may enjoy it a lot I was thinking about looking at the soundtrack but then I got lazy so I can t say how that was but I m sure it only adds to the experience of the book