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Download Û Ashleys Tale ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free read Ashleys Tale Ashley a young college girl with a horrific past is immediately thrust into a living hell when she is kidnapped one night In the lair of her captor she will be forced to choose between submissio. Ashley s Tale is NOT an easily digestible short story whatsoever If you can t cope with graphic then this isn t for you It s in your face stuff and not a comfortable rideImagine this option Beaten cruelly or raped coldly What would you choose Not nice options Ashley finds herself in a really shit situation uite frankly with a rather twisted individual What he wants from her won t be what you expect however and this is not a run of the mill plot It is harsh unexpected but by God my nerves were a jangled messduring it Tense is an understatement My favourite bit of the whole story The very end Now I m unsure if there is a follow on journey for Ashley but as a cliffhanger regardless I was impressed It was surprising somewhat shocking and then in a bizarre sick way made sense I even liked just letting my imagination drift to what came next So did I enjoy the tale Well no But not because it s not decently written or a bad story but because it was hard to digest visualise process it was extreme This horror fan was stretched sticking with it If you are not afraid to dabble in extreme moments then Ashley s Tale will be a story for youThis is my first taste of Mike Duke s writing and it didn t disappoint 4 stars I read a copy of this story shared with me kindly by the author All review opinions are my own and totally unbiased

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Download Û Ashleys Tale ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free read Ashleys Tale N and defiance between folding beneath his punishment or finding the strength to endure and seize an opportunity to kill the man and escape But Ashley will also have to face the horrors of her p. The living always have a chance the dead never get This is a story of survival So I must admit this did not turn out at all as I expected it to When I read the synopsis I thought Oooh this sounds like it would be a really good short story Once I started reading it I even had high hopes as the start was really on to something I thought It starts out as every woman s nightmare Ashley is kidnapped and taken captive by a man who gives her the option between physical pain or emotional pain in the form of rape That which breaks the spirit pierces the heart and crushes both That s real hurt Ashley faced with the impossible chooses physical pain she can t go back she can t relieve the years of rape that she endured as a little girl It all sounds enticing right Well the story takes a drastic turn I m not going to go into how I ll leave this for you all to figure out but I ll just say that while it wasn t disappointing it wasn t at all what I had expected This is not the dark tale I thought it was going to be based on the synopsis I ll just say that In the end it was an interesting story and the writing was good so it was worthy of 3 stars I m not familiar with this author so I may have to check out some of his other work and see if there is anything else that may spark my interest

Read & download · PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ Mike Duke

Download Û Ashleys Tale ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free read Ashleys Tale Ast in this twisted game he has prepared for her Can she prevail against the demons that have made her frail and weak as well as the sadist before her And if so what may she become in the proces. The grittiness of girl power in Mike Duke s Ashley s Tale makes the most of unsettling visuals and the grotesueness of the human heartAshely is haunted by a terrible memory from her past When she is kidnapped and taken to a dark and gritty layer she comes face to face with a brutal stranger In order to survive she must make a choice to relive her dark past or face her fears and fight backDuke is an excellent writer who demonstrates his in depth knowledge of fighting and survival in this novelette If you are a fan of Final Girl or the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you must read Ashley s Tale

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