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SUMMARY á Artemisia Gentileschi Mary D. Garrard ´ 1 SUMMARY Of the seventeenth century and the only female follower of Caravaggio This first full length study of her life and work shows that he. A comprehensive generous but never fawning look at the life and oeuvre of one of the Baroue s overlooked greats Don t let the movies and novels fool you Artemisia Gentileschi has not received the scholarly art historical attention of other Caravaggisti even the minor ones Garrard sets out to correct that error with a beautifully balanced and thorough examination of the artist and her work At the same time Garrard doesn t claim even with this 600 page text to have the last word but exhorts other scholars to take up the task of looking closely at the paintings of this powerful artist and digging deeper still Finally the appendix includes letters and transcripts from the notorious 1612 rape trial in English Invaluable and wonderful

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SUMMARY á Artemisia Gentileschi Mary D. Garrard ´ 1 SUMMARY R powerfully original treatments of mythic heroic female subjects depart radically from traditional interpretations of the same theme. I chose this book because I recently traveled to Florence and experienced the amazing immersion into Renaissance and Baroue art that city offers This is a difficult read I almost put it down but after page 200 I was glad I continued with the effort The writing style is initially ponderous academic and the subject matter disturbing brutality toward women emotional as well as physical abuse Yet I recommend this read Intensely researched and rewarding to the reader Anyone with an interest in art history feminism andor politics will be fascinated with this account of one female artist s life


SUMMARY á Artemisia Gentileschi Mary D. Garrard ´ 1 SUMMARY Artemisia Gentileschi widely regarded as the most important woman artist before the modern period was a major Italian Baroue painter. List of IllustrationsPreface Artemisia Gentileschi The Image of the Female Hero in Italian Baroue Art Appendix A The Letters of Artemisia GentileschiAppendix B Testimony of the Rape Trial of 1612NotesWorks CitedIndex

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