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  • Astonishing X Men
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  • 12 January 2017
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Astonishing X Men

Read Ä Astonishing X Men ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub R has the X Men spinning in a non stop downward spiral Will an unlikely union be the final straw After secretly lying in wait for months the new Hellfire Club makes its move Plus The X Man destined to destroy the Breakworld stands revealed Who is it and what will b. Oof thanks for once again traumatizing me Joss Whedon Aside from that there was a lot of the clever word play humor you d expect and content wise some definitely adult situations Worth reading for sure if you re a Joss Whedon fan and you can tolerate the content

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Read Ä Astonishing X Men ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub This deluxe hardcover collects Astonishing X Men Volume 3 Torn and Astonishing X Men Volume 4 Unstoppable by the chart topping super team of Joss Whedon and John Cassaday plus extras In Torn things go from peculiar to just plain bizarre Emma Frost's erratic behavio. It took a few years but I finally have my second volume of the Astonishing X Men hardcover completing Joss Whedon s and John Cassaday s twenty five issue run in the titleThis hardcover collection like the one that precedes it contains two story arcs with the last culminating in an oversized giant sized issue The first story Torn features the return of a new incarnation of a classic X Men nemesis the Hellfire Club or is it With psychics one can never be too sure how much your perception of reality is twisted in the presence of one Kitty Pryde gets her Wolverine moment here With the mansion seemingly invaded and losing control over her phasing powers she falls miles underground but manages to compose herself enough to stop in an underground scream Wading in hip deep water she turns around makes her statement to her foes declaring My turn Kitty mounts her counter attack only to find the rest of her team out of commission Cyclops and Colossus are comatose with the Beast chasing deer with his mind devolved to that of his moniker a beast Wolverine though his mind was regressed to that of pre teen James Howlett a wimpy sissy boy is a adorable personality than the tough guy persona he usually projects Emma Frost appears to have finally showed her colors and betrayed the teamIn Unstoppable the X Men just moments removed from the aftermath of their harrowing encounter in the previous arc are whisked away by teleporter and appear on the bridge of a spacecraft Agent Brand and SWORD need superheroes and have enlisted the X Men to help stop the rising danger of imminent destruction to two worldsThere is a feeling of d j vu reading this collection I have read this before This is Whedon channeling the Dark Phoenix Saga without Jean Grey or the Phoenix Like the original story the team is tested body and soul by the Hellfire Club and abducted from the scene of their last battle to find another one in an alien world and be judged by an alien race It also ends with the sacrifice of one the X Men s numberWhedon end his run on the title with an oversized issue allowing Cassaday extra pages to draw as much Marvel s New York s finest superheroes as he can possibly fit in the panels He does not disappoint he draws a beautiful two page spread of Spider Man in mid swing over the Manhattan skyline enough to draw your breath awayWhedon s and Cassaday s run of twenty five issues of Astonishing X Men is a modern classic of X Men storytelling Well written and well drawn Whedon moves away from the socio political commentary reality television shows and mutant gang warfare He just writes comics the way they are supposed to be and that is to astonish

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Read Ä Astonishing X Men ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub E their fate And in Unstoppable the X Men are off to protect the Earth from its destruction at the hands of the Breakworld And when it's all over nothing will ever be the same No really we mean it Collects Astonishing X Men #13 24 and Giant Size Astonishing X Men #. I hate it when a fantastic book ends on a cliffhanger and you just want to carry on reading I could not put this down