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Omega Twink characters Í 7 Ng into heat and being around Lane and Harley has him turning into a puddle of jelly The young leopard shifter knows only his mate should affect him this strongly Is it possible that Spencer doesn't have one mate but two And if Lane and Ha. I am impressed with this debut novelOmega Twink was a sweet endearing story with some tasteful hotness I enjoyed reading this book very much I thought the writing was done very well I really liked Spencer and the bosses together At first Lane took awhile to grow on me I didn t agree with either of the bosses in making Spencer choose I feel like he had to give up so much and even after everything my heart still never seemed to fully heal for him And even though I know Spencer neededwanted to be the one to take on his sisters burden since he blamed himself I just feel like the mom should have at least offered herself I mean I know I would have if it had been my kids I wouldn t want either of them marred I would take that away from both of them But the mom never seemed like that great of a person anyway so I guess it was expected for her to choose her looks over her children But it was nice to see a book that didn t make everything all better believable so I was happy with the outcome Anyway great story Got the emotions out of me Will definitely be keeping a lookout for of this authors works in the future

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Omega Twink characters Í 7 For years Spencer's been crushing on his two bosses The pride alphas are so smart and sweet and dangerously sexy Together they make a perfect couple and their omega assistant would never want to interfere with that Except now Spencer's goi. 35 rounded up Review when I get back

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Omega Twink characters Í 7 Rley welcome him into their relationship will he be able to handle the heat Omega Twink is a 200 page MMM paranormal menage romance featuring feline shifters and mentions of male pregnancy Standalone with no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA. 25 Stars It s always exciting to find a new to me author but finding a debut release also Beyond thrilled I liked the premise behind the blurb and I was hoping Omega Twink would live up to my expectationsI can t begin to imagine how Spencer felt when he went into heat for the first time He didn t even know what was going on as his mother an omega also never told him about heats or that this would happen signifying Spencer becoming an adult omega The only thing his mother ever taught him was that he had to look his best to get what he wanted Hence Spencer s Instagram account desire to be a male model and just a touch cough of vanity The fact that Lane and Harley his bosses and the leaders of their pride affect him far than any other male alpha is very confusingI had anticipated the two alphas once realizing that Spencer is their mate to let him know and then proceed with plans to be together I was very pleasantly surprised that the author didn t make it that easy With the lingering remains of his heat discovering Lane and Harley the leaders of their pride no less are his mates and having his mom send his ten year old sister to him to watch for a while Spencer has his hands than full Lily isn t an easy child and causes than her share of problems It s no wonder that Spencer is firmly of the mindset that he isn t responsible enough to be the third leader of the pride he really has some maturing to doI enjoyed this story but I can t say that I was over the moon about it Spencer was very immature in his thinking and he was beyond vain I really liked him in the beginning but I lost that feeling over time Lane and Harley were great characters and I would have liked to learn about them There were uite a lot of unrealistic plot points particularly the last half of the novella that I had a difficult time getting behind although that could just be meIf you like alpha and omega stories then this might be the read for you

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