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God Help the Child review ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Son to be set in our current moment weaves a tale about the way the. 35 stars No matter how hard we try to ignore it the mind always knows truth and wants clarity Toni Morrison God Help The ChildIt took me a while to write this review mainly because I was trying to find the right words I ve read most of Morrison s books There was something about it that did not feel very much like her other books That s not to say an author has to stick to one writing style but there were some parts of the book that caught me off guard Structurally this felt uite different from her other books with fast paced sections and a couple of loose ends though it wasn t that evident at firstThe novella focuses on Bride a woman with blue black skin Ignored and neglected by her mother and not shown any love because of her black skin she was accepted as a successful adult in the beauty industry I sold my elegant blackness to all those childhood ghosts and now they pay me for it I have to say forcing those tormentors the real ones and others like them to drool with envy when they see me is than payback It s glory At first I thought this book was going along the lines of The Bluest Eye in that it discusses colourismRegardless of how often I read about colourism it always surprises me how prevalent it can be and how it can in this case stop a light skinned black woman from showing any love to her dark skinned daughter I came across this painting the other day A Reden o de Cam by Modesto Brocos which summarizes how worrying colourism is Yet colourism wasn t a theme that was as developed as I expected it would be Perhaps it s because the book was a pretty fast paced bookDespite this book not being as strong as Morrison s others I still uite liked it I especially liked the conversation about how our childhood can haunt us and can often play a huge role in our adult life Each will cling to a sad little story of hurt and sorrow some long ago trouble and pain life dumped on their pure and innocent selves And each one will rewrite that story forever knowing the plot guessing the theme inventing its meaning and dismissing its origin What a waste The main characters both carry burdens from their childhood burdens they haven t properly acknowledged For example Booker Bride s boyfriend looks to his intelligence as a way of not confronting his childhood trauma Yet it causes problems I risk nothing I sit on a throne and identify signs of imperfections in others I ve been charmed by my own intelligence and the moral positions I ve taken along with the insolence that accompanies them But where is the brilliant research the enlightening books the masterpieces I used to dream of producing Nowhere Instead I write notes about the shortcomings of others Easy So easy I wish this had been longer or at least that some of the loose ends had been completed I still had many uestions

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God Help the Child review ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Sufferings of childhood can shape and misshape the life of the adult. Just WhatWhy did we need to shift into Brooklyn s and the falsely accused woman s perspectives Their sections were impossibly short and didn t do anything to drive the narrative or develop any characters Why did ueen become such an integral part of the story so late in the game Why do Sweetness chapters bookend this story when she has very little to do or contribute to the storytelling anywhere else Why so much molestation There are at least five separate cases referenced I was expecting them to connect somehow or to inform one another and aside from two of them being an impetus for a break up they didn t Did Bride ever go back to Sylvia Inc Are we supposed to believe this Booker dude was the impetus for her loss and regaining or breasts and ear piercings Oh and that I miss my black lady chapter that casually mentions Bride taking a bullet for Raisin Like WHAT IS THIS BOOK God help the child indeed And by child I mean me And by help I mean help me make sense of what I just read

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God Help the Child review ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Spare and unsparing God Help the Child the first novel by Toni Morri. Everybody bow down Toni Morrison still reigns In this short novel we meet Bride A young woman who as a child testified in a court case which led to the imprisonment of an alleged child abuser Twenty years later Bride tries to make peace with the woman whom she sent to prison I ll stop there and allow you to read the rest of the novelMorrison imbues this novel with her renowned mastery of prose which allows the reader to sweep through this novel in only a sitting or two This novel is a well wound timepiece with every cog characters narrative emotion working off each other in perfect harmony and synchronisation in the end altogether forming a beautiful workThis book is a true brilliant work of structure and form Split into many different vignettes some in first person and some in third person the narrative jumps back and forward in both time and location However each piece is a patch on a cloak and by the end of the novel we are left with a sprawling blanket God Help the Child is thus far my favourite new release of 2015 Short succinct savage It shows that even since The Bluest Eye was written 45 years ago Morrison has never lost a single gram of genius intellect or bite

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