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READ ç Basement Level 5 FREE DOWNLOAD Basement Level 5 Alexa Martinez was raised to believe that murder deceit and lies were a part of life A trained killer she follows in her father’s footsteps specializing in political assassinations for Martinez Security contracted through the CIA She thrives on. Too Many Secrets Too Many LiesAlexa Richardson Martinez is a daughter sister wife mother and a trained killer While she s put her work aside to concentrate on raising her family things turn in an instant when she realizes that they are all in danger Unfortunately with such a vast resume Alexa and her family are unable to pinpoint where the threat is coming from As the story switches from past to present day we re privy to a teenage Alexa her brother Lei close friends Chase Kendrick and Dro and how they grew up You learn that as children they were already destined to live a certain way As they fell into their destinies they also determined to make things better Now that someone is out to get them will they be able to identify and remove the threat before it s too late What I enjoyed was the intensity of the story BASEMENT LEVEL 5 NEVER SCARED is on some serious Bond ish What I didn t like about the story is that you don t right away meet the entire cast You almost want to ask if there was a BASEMENT LEVEL 1 that you didn t know about So as the story goes you feel as if you re behind the curtain As the story goes into past mode Alexa s the lone female and her safety is each of the guy s main concern However it doesn t seem probable As teens it s a little difficult seeing them as this sophisticated hit team with power than the law Also it would be best if the author used a Spanish translation for Spanish words versus telling us what so and so spoke in Spanish While I liked BASEMENT LEVEL 5 NEVER SCARED by L R Wright there were issues in editing that definitely need to be addressed I also did not care for the nice and tidy ending Reviewed by Crystal

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Basement Level 5

READ ç Basement Level 5 FREE DOWNLOAD Basement Level 5 Ting from a secret base five levels below ground Alexa struggles to unravel the puzzle uncovering secrets that will alter their lives forever Now she must make a choice is she willing to die to give her children a life outside the bullet proof gla. Basement Level 5 Never Scared was a great read from start to finish LR Wright took a family of assassins made them likable vulnerable and human which is a hard thing to do Kudos to Ms Wright for doing such a great job getting inside the complex minds of the Martinez familyThe action was fast paced and the love story between the hero Dro and Heroine Alexa was told perfectly in flashbacks giving us a vivid picture of how the decisions they ve made in the past put them in their current situation It s a tale of twists and turns that will hold your interest until the unexpected endingA small warning It s a bit violent at times Nothing over the top but what goes hand in hand in organized crimeHaving said that pick up a copy sit on the beach and enjoy a great summer read

CHARACTERS å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ L.R. Wright

READ ç Basement Level 5 FREE DOWNLOAD Basement Level 5 The power money respect and most of all the adrenaline rushDespite the danger associated with her profession Alexa strives to give her children a normal life But when her past catches up with her they become pawns in a deadly game of revenge Opera. A story of family loyalty and undying love This book had me on edge but in a great way My emotions got the best of me during several moments in this amazing story By the end of the book I was in love with all the characters and wanting LR Wright did an outstanding job developing great characters a well written plot with many twists and turns I cannot wait to read what she writes next Great job I will be recommending this book to my friends

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