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characters Ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Judith Berman Judith Berman ↠ 9 Free read review Bear Daughter A stunning new writer of mythological fantasy takes readers to a world of adventure discovery and transformation in her beautiful a. Confusing as this book can sometimes bethe writing is strong and confidentlike bear daughter herselfmost of the time This mythological tale does not pretend to be an authentic retellingbut as an original fantasy it is nevertheless evocative of native tribal wayslong ago when the borders between worlds were fluidLike the original mythsthis one too has a moral that we can apply to our own lives with less difficulty than the plucky heroinewho faces the ultimate of identity crisesIt is a familiar themethe uest for selfand this book underscores what is often too easy to forgetto be yourselfyou first have to knowand acceptwho you areThat means facing your fear of the implications Then and only when you are readyyou get to transcend that limit and use your personal power to accomplish the task only you can perform

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characters Ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Judith Berman Judith Berman ↠ 9 Free read review Bear Daughter Nd evocative debut novel When a twelve year old wakes up as a human girl instead of a bear one cloudy morning she embarks on a thri. Bear Daughter is an inspiring Fantasy novel which follows a young bear cub turned girl named Cloud Now a human child Cloud must learn human manners and avoid the wrath of her mother s husband Rumble I did love the various character names and how they all tied in with the theme of natureAged thirteen and threatened with imminent death Cloud is chased from the home she came to know to seek a better life for herself elsewhere As she travels she finds herself plagued by dark dreams that will lead her to fulfill her long awaited destinyI loved the comparison between mortal and immortal people in this world The juxtaposition of flawless creatures of surreal beauty with dark intentions had me hooked and unable to put the book down Strong themes included those of identity loss of self and others in addition to mortalityThe plot was fast moving with great structure to the author s writing Cloud s emotional state was well explored and helped me to better identify with her character This magical world was one that I instantly felt a pull toward So many mysteries await the read in its pagesThe one small issue I had with the book was the ending of part four where we are introduced to a character at random after a major time leap This was initially confusing but by the end of the section all of my confusion was put to rest I just wish the sudden change in scenario had been made clear from the start of that particular segmentMany elements of Bear Daughter are drawn from rich indigenous oral literature of the North American Northwest Coast The events of the novel stem from a group of traditions from the aforementioned area that are collectively known as the Bear Mother Story Author Judith Berman found themselves greatly affected by learning of such traditions and responded by writing this masterpieceI loved this book and would happily recommend it to everyone I know I shall be buying my partner their own copy 55 stars

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characters Ñ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Judith Berman Judith Berman ↠ 9 Free read review Bear Daughter Lling journey through both mortal and immortal worlds to mend her past face her fears and save all of the realms in which she tread. This was an idiosyncratic book with a slow start and an ending that I m not uite sure about but I wholly recommend it to fans of mythic fiction It s a beautiful evocation of the textures scents and daily rhythms of its folkloric Pacific Northwest setting exploring through fine details what it means to be a living being in a world of birth and death and struggleWhile the book dragged for me at first readerly patience is rewarded with a tense high stakes coming of age uest story Cloud is a wonderful slightly unusual character a clueless mortal girl with immortal bear parentage who struggles to identify her desires and emotions The text makes wise observations about trauma and family and it s refreshing to encounter a female protagonist with low emotional intelligenceFinally Judith Berman is an anthropologist and this is a respectful and nuanced adaptation of Native source material by a non Native author This is her only novel although I think I ve read a short story or two of hers Alas it seems she s wholly out of print so I will be on the lookout for new publications

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