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Read Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Aishling Morgan Beastly Behaviour (Nexus) Download ☆ 2 E but was found with an expression of utmost terror frozen on his features Nearby were the footprints of a gigantic houndNow Mistress of Stukely Manor and known to have a colourful past Genevieve uickly finds herself the centre of attention for half the rakes and ne'erdowells in Devon Beastly B Part of the erotica spiral historical setting Very interesting tongue in cheek tale elementary my dear Dr Manston says Wolfe And yes a lot of it is extremely elementary not to say base Murder mystery the Hounds of Baskerville the mad person locked up in the house lots of different elements combined Not to mention the footnotes to impart a intellectual and scholarly tone in case we didn t know what drawers are right And a touch of ambiguity about just how beastly it is Pretty funny really

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Read Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Aishling Morgan Beastly Behaviour (Nexus) Download ☆ 2 Genevieve Stukely is working as an erotic dancer in the American west when she learns that her uncle is dead and that she is to inherit the family estate on the borders of Dartmoor Only when she returns to the mother country does she discover that Sir Robert Stukely did not die simply of old ag I have just read Beastly Behaviour by Aishling Morgan however a lot of characters and prior events have occurred so reading this as a standalone was perhaps not the best plan I shall start with The Rake and find how this all began Set in Victorian times on Dartmoor it is a skit on Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskerville s by Arthur Conan Doyle However Aishling s version has with lots of kink perversions and the way I was reading it at one point a character was having sex with a black cookbut then I realised it wasn t human lover at all Ayt one point I thought it was going to hit my hard limit when someone s head was about to be pushed into a piss pot of pee and poop I so nearly stopped there as that would go beyond my comfort zonebut I am rarely a DNF er and am glad I persevered Aishling Morgan s knowledge of Victorian times as well as England s Dartmoor in Devon and the social etiuette and expectations from the different stations in life then is excellent Her characters love them or loathe them and there were characters like Nanna that I disliked as well as ones so very inappropriate to the expected Victorian norms for the then expected morality I really liked including Richard and his anally fixated brother Leopold and Genevieve who loves sex and Lucy who is into birching humiliation and anal attention from Leopold Yet it is not just a skit but a farce in true comical styleI have to say it is a 4 good star read from me and for those not au fait with place and era a useful glossary to help you out too The one thing I found annoying was formatting as an e book on my kindle new paragraphs that have switched to different place people etc suddenly appear on the next line and it was a case of what thethen back and fore track to see the changes I dropped one star for this reason and would like to see the publisher sort this out despite it being written a while ago

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Read Ò PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Aishling Morgan Beastly Behaviour (Nexus) Download ☆ 2 Ehaviour follows the Truscott saga into its fifth generation with a tale of bizarre lust and Gothic horror drawn from several historical and literary sources to make it one of the most elaborate erotic novels ever published Other titles in the Truscott saga include Velvet Skin The Rake and Puri He he this bookmade my giggle most of the way through I liked the hound storyline and the historical setting Somehow it makes these sort of books fun

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