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Bending the Rules Read & Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Art related community service and he just wants to see them payall bets are offWith the men in his family always in and out of the slammer Jase was raised in foster care He knows what it ta. 15 STARS Reasons why I ended DNF ing this oldie from 2009 at 71% her tongue slicked over the silky membrane of his lower lip his strong tongue flattened against her most intimate tissues His thumb slid up and down her furrowBeside my lost of interest because of the neglected focus on the romance the sex scenes lingo really made me feel like I was reading a surgery or veterinary notebookI had enjoyed the beginning of the book I thought I d be in for some animosity and banter goodness between the main couple with a side mistery plot Wrong or too high expectations on my part More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too

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Bending the Rules Read & Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Kes to walk the line And his number one self imposed rule Avoid his hunger for sexy irresistible Poppy who challenges him on everything But it's a vow that's getting harder and harder to ke. Good story Our heroine is an artist who wants the whole world to find and express the art of their soul Our hero is a practical policeman who must protect her while trying to avoid falling in love with her free spirit

Read ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub É Susan Andersen

Bending the Rules Read & Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Tall dark and intense Detective Jason de Sanges excites all kinds of fantasies in Poppy Calloway But when she suggests the three teens caught spray painting a Seattle neighborhood be given. July 2011 Review 3 starsThis is why I don t do rereads damn it The book rarely if ever is as good as I thought it was the first time around And when I read a book than once I start noticing little things that annoy the shitskis I ll get to that in a minute out of me Even when I actually still like the book So yeah never doing this again All I can say is that I was clearly not as discriminating in my reading when I read this the first time Clearly Leah s Observations While Rereading the Book Bending the Rules 1 There are very stereotypical racial names in this book Darnell for a Black boy and Emilia for a Latina girl2 Jase describes things in the weirdest of ways Examples Subtle sheen of lavender when talking about Poppy s eye shadow But the nape of her neck looked soft as a baby s vulnerable when creepily talking about Cory a teenage girl in the program that Jase and Poppy are supervising The specks of topaz in her dark brown irises enough said He can apparently tell the difference between bitter sweet and semi sweet chocolate just by looking at it because he knows that poppy s eyes are bitter chocolate brown3 There are extremely long sentences in the book As far as he could tell she wasn t wearing a lick of makeup except for maybe some mascara and a lip balm he d seen her smear over naturally pink lips with a pronounced bow that pulled his gaze like a magnet did metal Where was the editor4 Very unsexy words are used to describe kissing membrane Ew5 Susan constantly describes Jase as bony nose shoulders Contrary to Susan s belief this is not sexy6 It still pisses me off that Jase runs his life based on his family Although this is probably one of the most realistic aspects of the book7 The interactions between the three girls Poppy Jane and Ava are so mushy and lovey To the point that it s sometimes sickening8 Susan has clearly never talked to a real life teenager I don t know about you but I don t know any teenagers especially ones that were born in the 90s like the teens in this book who say these words dorkana studalicious dap gamagorgeous glamourama coolicious macadoodledandy Especially that last one Studalicious I could maybe see but macadoodledandy Yeah no Just no9 Poppy s nipples are spikes She must ruin lots of bras10 There is a lot of slamming mouths together when kissing So I must ask Do they wear mouth guards Because that shit has to hurt11 I hate when authors use the words omigawd and gawd Just write omigod and God But what makes it even worse is that the thirty year old heroine and her friends still say these things making them sound like a group of pre pubescent girls And to add insult to injury a man who was at the least in his late sixties maybe early seventies said gawd towards the end of the book I am at a loss for words12 I have a newfound hatred for the phrase holy shitskis New because I have never heard that ridiculous phrase in my life But oh I have now Because the heroine says it at least once in every damn chapter And of course when she says it she has to say it at least a minimum of four times in a row13 Jase likes to throw his head back when he laughs That must be hell on his neck And Sam I know how you love when people do that14 I actually still love the part where they make up It s incredibly hilarious15 Susanlandia is a scary place16 I am actually still looking forward to reading Playing Dirty about Ava and Cade So I hope it doesn t suck17 I am never rereading Burning Up That s the other book of Susan s that I have loved and I am never rereading it I could never handle it if Gabe the hottie fireman and Jack the smoking hot Irish singer turned out to be ridiculously spastic18 I am clearly demented since I bought another of Susan s books when I was at the used bookstore yesterday Clearly I am a masochist and love torturing myself But hey at least it was only 398 Didn t have to pay full priceDecember 2009 Review 5 starsAn intriguing when is he gonna go for her book Jase who has let the lives of the men in his family define his life since he was born finds an interesting adversary in Poppy who was raised in a hippie commune They come together through a project for three teenage taggers and fall for each other not long after Though they go through a rough patch it all turns out well in the end This book is a terrific read that will make your toes tingle

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