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Mink River Read À 104 Ulous logger and a silent doctor rain and pain Irish immigrants and Salish stories mud and laughter There's a Department of Public Works that gives haircuts and counts insects a policeman addicted to Puccini a philosophizing crow beer and berries An expedition is mounted a crime committed and there's an unbelievably huge picnic on the football. I thought this was going to be a bit chaotic but it wasn t It was certainly the best read of 2020 so far Moses the Crow with his mouthy wisdoms and his courage got me going page after page after page and he wasn t the main character at all Mmmmwait perhaps he was after allHe mourned the death of the elderly nun who rescued him and taught him to communicate He adored psalms Sometimes he maneuvered a few new moves while flying just to feel like an eagle or something else that might fancy him Sometimes in flight he would snap at mosuitoes just to experience what is was like to be a swift Most of the time he was uite successfulMoses just knew how to bond a community together He had a bird s eye insight into what was happening in town that humans were not as aware of And remember he could talkThe ambiance of the book with a touch of magic realism and the lyrical prose had me excited again to read a book and really enjoy it This was not only word magic it was also uniue and so refreshing Cedar the mystery man who once came floating into town unconscious and blessed with memory loss got the Department Of Public Works going with his dear friend actually the man who rescued him from drowning He suspected a kind of god complex since he had it in his head that they should fix people instead of doing maintenance on the highways stream beds and storm drains His best friend William Mohan also known as Worried Man married to Maple Head the teacher could not walk down the street or enjoy dinner at his own home when someone s pain came calling in his head Thus it happened that these two gentlemen became known as the town s rescuers Worried Man But we are also prey to what I might call a vast and overwhelming ambition I mean really to preserve history collect stories repair marriages prevent crime augment economic status promote chess manage insect populations run sports leagues isn t that a bit much We even give haircutsIt s not that they can compare themselves with Joan of Arc or less known by her real name Jeanne La Pucelle of Domr my She changed historyPerhaps they couldn t but they sure changed the future for this old fishing and logging village who were cash strapped and prone to that dark room called depression In hard times the less agreeable side tends to rule That s a diplomatic statement Cruelty might be a better choice of word It was no different in this small village Children suffer the mostTwelve year old Daniel Cooney Worried Man s grandson had to figure his nutty family out He had ample time when he had a cycling accident and had to stay in bed for a few weeks His dad was Irish his Irish granddad died building a road that went nowhere his Irish grandmother lived on a hill in Ireland which she refused to leave his granddad from here thinks about time all the time and feels other people s pain in his head his grandmother from here is the strictest teacher in the history of the world his mom Nora real name No Horses can hear wood talk and identify colors by their smells Owen Cooney taped stories for his son Daniel and worked with that talking Crow Moses loves to sit on the old Oregon State University helmet in Owen s workshop which is crammed with automobile parts and assorted related ephemera Owen and Moses were friends since the nun brought him in for repairs years agoThere was the mama bear who loved to read the New York Times at the Department of Public Works and the multitude of other characters introducing humanity to the reader in all our splendor Warts and all The Oregon coast became a multilayered trail of stories and backstories Whether it was voyages or journeys the reader is taken back to the hills of Ireland as well as the wonder mountains of snow somewhere in Oregon where Time might be waiting for Cedar and Worried Man to explain the meaning of life as we know and love it That was a Bucket List wish that only two best friends could understandThe towns folks came together when Daniel had his accident Even the mama bear had her story to fit in Different events in town brought courage and determination out in everyone There was Timmy and Rachel Sara and Michael George Christie and his daughter Cyra Red Hugh O Donell father of Declan Grace Paeder and Niall and Nicholas and his dad The doctor knew the most about everyone even the man in the brown coat and the man who lied in court They were all peripheral characters whose lives became new stories to tell The stories were all changing by the minute all swirling and braiding and weaving and spinning and stitching themselves one to another It is truly a warm often humorous and heartfelt read written with so much compassion and talent for storytelling This is one of those novels that I would love to read again That seldom if ever happensRECOMMENDED

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Mink River Read À 104 Like Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood and Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg Ohio Brian Doyle's stunning fiction debut brings a town to life through the jumbled lives and braided stories of its people In a small fictional town on the Oregon coast there are love affairs and almost love affairs mystery and hilarity bears and tears brawls and boats a garr. 45 stars Sometimes I think that all people in all times must have had the same joys and sorrows Everyone thinks that the old days were better or that they were harder and that modern times are chaotic and complex or easier all around but I think people s hearts have always been the same happy and sad and that hasn t changed at all It s just the shape of lives that change not lives themselvesThis beautifully lyrical captivating novel is unlike anything I can recall having read before There are a multitude of characters the people that inhabit the town of Neawanaka on the coast of Oregon The Mink River runs right through the middle of town Much like the twists and turns of the river the stories of the people are ever changing Each thread is essential to the fabric of this grand tapestry of life so many stories all changing by the minute all swirling and braiding and weaving and spinning and stitching themselves one to another and to the stories of creatures in that place both the uick sharp eyed ones and the rooted green ones and the ones underground and the ones too small to see and to stories that used to be here and still are here in ways that you can sense sometimes if you listen with your belly and the first green shoots of stories that will be told in years to comeMink River is episodic in nature but it all comes together with such elegance The expressiveness of the novel points to the fact that indeed Brian Doyle was not just a writer of novels and essays he was also a gifted poet Many of the sentences are structured as in the uote above At first the run on uality of the writing gave me pause As did the element of magical realism It didn t take me long to completely forget about these literary stylistic devices however Rather I fell completely under the spell The inhabitants of Neawanaka are everyday people with struggles and joys Everyone has a story to share with one another And the stories are what lift them up I loved so many of these characters Some of them are descendants of The People an unnamed tribe of Native Americans that settled on the coast thousands of years ago Some of them trace their ancestry to those who suffered from The Hunger in Ireland Some are a mix of both One is not even a person at all although this little peculiarity often slipped my mind Moses is a crow A crow who can think talk and laugh He s even a hero Some of the most moving scenes in the entire book have Moses front and center Moses who had been taught to speak by a shy nun who found him broken in the mud is intricately courteous and circumspect also he has a dry humor and a corvidian cast of mind as he likes to say that combine to make his remarks intriguingSuch a kaleidoscopic cast of characters grace the pages of this book two best friends who run The Department of Public Works and do far than fix roads and sewer lines they even give haircuts a doctor who names his cigarettes after the Apostles a man who sells boxes and can count down the number of days he has left in this world a cop who is obsessed with Puccini s Tosca a twelve year old boy who wears his hair in braids like his legendary Irish hero the owner of the town pub who wonders how she got to this point in her life an artist who is going through a crisis a brother and sister who have been abandoned by one parent and mistreated by another and many too numerous to name but each as significant as the next Not one life is minimized We come to understand what makes each of them tick and it s all so impactful when one thinks about what this means in this great big world of ours Nature itself is a character Not just the animals but the ocean the river the forest All of it Everything matters The way hawks huddle their shoulders angrily against hissing snow Wrens whirring in the bare bones of bushes in winter They way swallows and swifts veer and whirl and swim and slice and carve and curve and swerve The way that frozen dew outlines every blade of grass Salmonberries thimbleberries cloudberries snowberries elderberries salalberries gooseberries My children learning to read My wife s voice velvet in my ear at night in the dark under the coversI could go on and share of these exuisite lines but it s best to experience the rest on your own This is a remarkable book that blends magical realism folklore and pure simple ordinary lives together to illustrate the beauty in each individual creature person or piece of creation I have just discovered Brian Doyle only to learn that he passed away a couple of years ago While we won t be enriched with any new work I am pleased to see that there is a wonderful backlist that I can look forward to Highly recommended if you are a fan of strikingly lyrical writing and a good dose of magical realism even if you aren t you just might want to give this a try I m sure glad I did There s a story in everything and the stories I hear the less sad I am

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Mink River Read À 104 Field Babies are born A car is cut in half with a saw A river confesses what it's thinking It's the tale of a town written in a distinct and lyrical voice and readers will close the book than a little sad to leave the village of Neawanaka on the wet coast of Oregon beneath the hills that used to boast the biggest trees in the history of the wor. well now wasn t that delicious