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  • NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7
  • Joe Quesada
  • English
  • 08 March 2017
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Free read NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7 107 Verywhere at once What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everythin. NYX is such a totally weird book I remember when it was coming out in singles it sort of looked too cool for me to even buy like X Men meets Larry Clark s Kids or something Anyway after reading it I feel like I wasn t too far off Not because it is indeed too cool it isn t but because it s tonally confusing and sort of voyeuristic in its depiction of a group of teen mutant runaways both of which are very Kids But the book unintentionally raises some weird narrative uestions about the X verse namely how does Charles Xavier decide who s invited to the X Mansion I mean these kids are prime candidates They re troubled and unsupervised and possessed with some omega level reality altering powers Plus they re living in New York City the heart of superheroville but there s no sign of any aspect of the Marvel Universe to be found anywhereI m curious about what the series long game originally was I ve always thought of NYX as a miniseries and the story does wrap up sort of after seven issues but most of the entire series is spent on long introductions for each new teen mutant without really explaining how it all ties together and makes a story It feels like a first volume for a longer series that ends up calling itself a miniseries for no real reasonThe art for the book is gorgeous but there s something a little skeezy about all the teenage girl fetishism Kids again and I m not actually sure if this book is about something specific or just trying to vibe on aesthetics I mean I don t know It s fine It s technically X Men ish despite not being X Men at all

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Free read NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7 107 Vier will always be just around the corner ready with open arms and a helping hand But Xavier can't be e. I didn t find this one to be as horrible as I thought it would be I mean ok the art was so inconsistent the storytelling was haphazard to the point of confusion and the characters were really very one dimensional BUT I thought there was a lot of potential with the story The characters would have been compelling with a better development but the ideas were fresh and exciting Kiden acting out fights drugs stealing cigarettes running away and lashing out at her mother all seem overdramatic but I don t actually think it s all that unrealistic In the tough neighborhood she s from with the childhood trauma of seeing her father murdered as well as her probably continually weakening single mother s grasp on controlling both her own and her children s sad lives she s got some serious issues There are teens living this life daily even without the trauma life just sucks sometimes As much as I wanted to hate her character for just ruining everything at the end of the day she s just a kid and kids make mistakes Though it has an adult rating I find the ages of all the characters generally necessary for a compelling storyline minus X 23 who I thought is pretty useless which is a bummer because she s the only reason I read this thing I did notice some stupid points or maybe I wasn t uite following correctly Is Cameron s husband who left her s name Sam Or Frank What s up with Kiden s friend from high school Is she just nobody Can t X 23 just kill everybody Why does she have to be a teenage prostitute Is the mutant hate SO strong in NY that a mutant like Tatiana who changes into an animal mid class is worth chasing down the streets Wouldn t fear come before anger when it comes to the unknownSo much potential Unfortunately a pretty meek performance on the creators part

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Free read NYX Wannabe collects NYX #1 7 107 The X Men's dream has been one of creating hope from despair in a young mutant's darkest hour Charles Xa. So I originally grabbed this and NYX No Way Home because I had been enjoying X 23 s character And supposedly this covered her time on the streets Yeah she s in it and her story plays an important role in things but she doesn t really say much Or act much like herself Justdon t make the mistake I did and read this for Laura s story The cliffnotes version of her missing time will do just as well as this Supposedly Nyx is a runaway living on the Tough Streets because she s a mutant who has Nowhere Else To GorightI mean that s what the blurb led me to believe What becomes of a group of young mutants that have to rely on themselves for everything YeahThing is Nyx had no reason to be on the streets She had a home And as far as I could tell a mother who cared about her Sure her brother was a douchecanoe but he was just an assnot dangerousOne of the things that pissed me off about this was that Nyx was disrespectful to her mother stole from her and mocked her efforts to have a relationship with her Then as soon as the mutant shit hit the fan she took off Never once really thinking about what she was putting her family through by disappearing for 6 months When she finally did decide to make contact she believed her idiot brother who told her that her mother was happier without her First she knows her brother is a scumbag Why would she believe him That made no senseSecond even if she did sort of believe him you would think she would have poked her head in the housejust to make sure I mean her mother had never given her any reason to doubt that she loved herThere were tons of ridiculous things like that smattered throughout the book that defied logic Ok so stuff happens and apparently the ghost of Nyx s dead father leads her all over the place showing her people who need to be saved or helped All of these kids plus her teacher form a group that cougheventually have a showdown with X 23 s pimp Zebra DaddyReallyOk Even though I knew going in that this is a Mature title I was still a bit skeeved out by the art and way some of the girls were portrayed Just check out the cover artBottom lineIt s creepy and seems a bit like porn for pedos If you don t believe me Google some of the cover art and check out how the last cover has been altered There s one with X 23 in panties and nothing else that I found especially dishearteningconsidering she s only supposed to be in her early teens 13 15 ishSo No I wouldn t particularly recommend this The characters could have been extremely interesting but with the ridiculously pervy setting and giant gaping plot holes it s just not worth the timeAt least in my opinion