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Snapped by Kendra Little

Read & Download ´ Snapped by Kendra Little 106 Them Not even her work turns her on The only man she desires is tough as nails detective Nick Dante who is sent to keep her safe Burned too many times Nick's had enough of women like Lucy but that doesn't mean he doesn't want her in his bed al. uick cute read Lucy is on a job as a PI watching her taking photo s for her latest client What Lucy doesn t know is she is the person she is watching John Mollino is part of a bigger investigation Nick a detective is on the case and warns Lucy to stay away the instant attraction between Nick and Lucy is electric Lucy is no typical female she has a reputation and drives men wild she has a way with words when it comes to men and Nick isn t taking the bait When something happens to John Mollino and his mistress Nick is sent to look after Lucy While Nick is watching Lucy things heat up but Nick isn t sure about hooking up with Lucy or having a one night stand even though he wants her bad Lucy wants Nick bad but only as a one night stand These 2 have things from there past that hold them back but turns out Nick love for these 2 even though they don t want it pulls them together

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Read & Download ´ Snapped by Kendra Little 106 Beit temporarilyLucy is than willing to accommodate his every fantasy Until the heat is turned up and emotions get involvedCan two people who've sworn off love find what they're really looking for Or will their appetites drive them apart foreve. CONFUSED NEED EDITING

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Read & Download ´ Snapped by Kendra Little 106 Lucy Hudson likes to watch She’s made a successful business out of photographing cheating spouses but now someone is watching Lucy No innocent wallflower Lucy has a reputation and a body that drives men wild But lately she doesn't want any of. the beginning of this book was catchythe female lead Lucy snapping pictures for a living of cheating spouses It obviously turned into a murder scene and her pictures were probably proof of the killers face But the story then sheds away from all that Somewhere towards the middle its all about Nick Lucy and how she is seducing him every sec of the day They just met each other and all of a sudden they feel they love one other while playing hard to get Seriously Its like that in every chapterShe seduces he s tempted but rejects or they get interrupted and it happens a few times Its towards the end of the book that they all of a sudden get back into finding the murderer uicklywith the whole murder investigation put togetheri ll say it seems like 15 20 pages total out of the whole booki definitely skimmed a lot thru out this whole book trying to get my interest back but i just wanna throw the book down didnt even bother reading the last few pages because its too much baloney They already been intimate a few times and then its we cannot be togetherwhy notUGH

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