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  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Honor Bound Gambler
  • Lisa Plumley
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9780373297399

Lisa Plumley ✓ 4 review

Read & Download The Honor Bound Gambler 104 Lisa Plumley ✓ 4 review Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Lisa Plumley Tempting the Preacher's DaughterPlain preacher's daughter Violet Benson is always the wallflower until charismatic gambler Cade Foster takes her under his wing Suddenly the men of Morrow Creek start loo. You know what s interesting other than a uite heroine turned fighter It s a heroine who knows what she wants and fights for it Determine and never easily waver That s how I describe this book s heroine She wants the hero so she followed her heart But you can t call her a fool for it because what she feels for him is not just attraction and lust You can feel and really see that it s than that and that s how interesting she is For the hero you can see him slowly tho reluctantly opening to he world the world he thought he turn his back with His thought of having a future with the heroine is really sweet He is charming and honorable despite his profession which actually he only choose to find somebody he strongly believe has the answer to his uestions in life The development of the characters are wonderful and they are really really sweet My favorite part is the way they chastise each other whenever they judged their selves badly or lowly They made it sound like a fun game chuckles and the dances It started with a dance and they reconcile with a dance with same lines spoken when they first met swoon And again

Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Lisa Plumley

The Honor Bound Gambler

Read & Download The Honor Bound Gambler 104 Lisa Plumley ✓ 4 review Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Lisa Plumley King at her with new eyes and the women with envy but Violet is interested in only one man CadeAgreeing to be his lucky charm Violet becomes embroiled in the gambler's thrilling world With her newfound. This is an interesting story with a couple of really serious problems Cade Foster is a charming gambler who has come to Morrow Creek to find a shadowy high stakes gambler Cade has been on his trail for years he says he just wants some answers from the manViolet Benson is the town wallflower and minister s do good works daughter She d like a little romance ok she d settle for a dance or two with a male over the age of 18 Cade asks Violet to dance so he can discretely watch his uarry While dancing Cade really notices Violet and becomes interested in herCade has had a string of bad luck and after their dance Cade notices that his luck has turned for the better He asks Violet to be his good luck charm she agrees if it is OK with her father Before long Violet entices Cade into bed with her This is rather bizarre highly moral behavior was expected of all citizens but especially from a preacher s offspringThe preacher indicates later that he knows what Violet is doing with the gambler and he doesn t chastise her or even label it as wrong This was not how a minister or his daughter would actViolet was the town s charity worker why didn t she know about Tobe before Cade introduced him In some ways this story was a bit too pat That said I must admit that I enjoyed Lisa Plumley s writing style and the light hearted tone of most of the book Cade s backer Simon Blackhouse real role in the story was a bit to swallow however he was written as an interesting slackerI hate to say it but this book is a study in style over substance plot I liked both Cade and Violet but uestioned some of their motivations and behaviors Violet s actions were not believable but her personality was engaging

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Read & Download The Honor Bound Gambler 104 Lisa Plumley ✓ 4 review Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Lisa Plumley Confidence Violet is determined to uncover the secret sorrow behind the eyes that smolder beneath Cade's Stetson and prove to this fascinating man that he can take the biggest gamble of allwith his hear. Welcome to Marrow Creek Plumley s little slice of the West and a romance with heart and grit Lively storytelling and a cast of engaging delightful characters from a rapscallion little boy to a conniving reverend to a hardened gambler and a preacher s daughter are simply perfect for this tale Love and redemption are the soul of this heart tugging charmer RT Book Reviews rated 4 stars