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Free download Un altro mare ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Rly twenties to search for an authentic life free of social falsehoods But in his search for this unattainable goal Enrico destroys every chance he has of a normal existence; even after his return to live a life of ever increasing isolation by the Istrian seashore his attempts at human intercourse at meaningful love are thwarted In recounting the life and character of Enr Un piccolo libro che mi ha preso solo dalla met in poi All inizio lo si potrebbe considerare troppo saccente con uelle frasi latine e greche che solo chi ha fatto il liceo capisce poi per ho capito il senso del libro Enrico prima della guerra lascia la sua terra e va a vivere in Patagonia ma torna dopo ualche anno e trova tutto cambiato Lui non n un gaucho delle pampas n un reduce lui non ha fatto la guerra e non capisce pi il mondo che lo circonda C poi il mito di Carlo che lo seguir fino alla morte Un bel libro tutto sommato

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Free download Un altro mare ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Early this century Enrico a young intellectual leaves the abundantly diverse Austro Hungarian city of Gorizia with its mixed population and culture to spend several years living on the Patagonian pampas alone with his ancient Greek texts his flocks and every now and then a woman He has been taught by his closest friend Carlo a philosopherpoet who commits suicide in his ea This little book is about what might have happened if one of Carlo Michelstaedter s friends had carried the youngster s philosophical ideas to fruition without killing himself in the process Enrico Mreule takes Michelstaedter s persuasion as far as he can turning himself into something of a sage in the process The book contains a rare European description of gaucho life in Argentina along with glimpses Trieste and Istria It is hard to get a sense of the author s true fascination with and I think attachment to Michelstaedter s ideas here as the book is sparse and very careful maybe too careful Not the sprawling

characters î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Claudio Magris

Free download Un altro mare ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ico ostensibly one of Life's failures Claudio Magris paints a remarkably shrewd and observant picture of a whole world in ferment that of the decaying Austro Hungarian empire shaken to its foundations by the Great War and emerging from the German occupation and the Communist revolution ripe for disintegration and forever seeking as does Enrico for a reason to go on living Grandi nuvole passano e spariscono una vacca strappa un ciuffo d erba la terra gira ma sta anche ferma una margherita vive un mese un effimera un giorno la stella della sera si chiama anche stella del mattino Talora il cielo si dilata come una palla di vetro soffiato si allontana e svanisce

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