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Child Support

Child Support Characters à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Cost someone else's life The State of Illinois is trying to label her as a serial killer but will her previous diagnosis of mental illness save Angel from living the remainder of her life in a six by six jail cell In Angel's eyes whether she wins or loses the case she First of all the title threw me all the way off Urban books are really not my thing I just grabbed the book on my way out of the library because of the title Honey child that was a trick Angel was a PTSD poster child times a thousand Amour built that story brick by brick I guess sex is What sells but the plot was what had me hooked I had to repeat the names to keep the story together in MY head whew I m going to read my Bible now I need to be purged lol

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Child Support Characters à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF 's still going to come out on top Become entangled in the web Angel weaves where it's not always easy to know what's real and what's a product of her twisted mind It's unlike any other urban tale Don't be surprised if just like some of Angel's victims you get caught u Strange TitleI understand that while reading books some things may seem far fetched with good reason but it should make sense be researched believable and not be contradicted later on I had a hard time getting into this story as it was too far fetched for me I cannot believe that this author would try to convince me that smoking a laced joint would make someone have bipolar disorder especially when they are describing effects of schizophreniaA timeline in this novel is impossible to keep as there are no date s given In one chapter there is a mention of five weeks next paragraph the mention is twenty four weeks and then a visit comes and Mike Angel s ex states that he hasn t seen Angel The main character in a year but to her it s only been a few days I was left scratching my head trying to understand that timelineAngel Crystal Jacobs is a pretty woman who seems to have it together A decent job a place to live but she is a little wacky She loves sex and wonders why she can t keep a man We know she is on medication and refuses to take her meds which causes her to have memory lapses While we learn she has a ton of underlying issues during the course of story only to have it flipped at the end I guess this was due to shock value but it didn t work for me I felt this book was all over the place and nowhere at the same time Way too much sex for my liking yes I understood the reason for it but it still it didn t appeal to me This cliffhanger ending was uncalled for I don t get why it stopped short like it did There will be a part two but this book could have ended properly I wanted to see how this would have been summed up and I was robbed of that unjustly if you ask meSiStar TeaARC Book Club Inc15 Star rating

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Child Support Characters à eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ever felt like someone was trying to keep you away from something that was rightfully yours They played you for a fool and thought they would get the last laugh Well not in Angel's world Meet Angel Jacobs a chick who will get what's hers at all costs even if it might To any guy Angel Jacobs is the real deal She s what they desire as their woman Her first dates are usually pretty good but she can t understand why there s never a second date What s the reasoning for these men not reuesting a second dateChild Support is a definite page turner The title will definitely fool you Armour does an excellent job of keeping you on edge In the beginning I had to go back to make sure I wasn t missing something Once I saw what was going on I was able to move forward Angel was not an angel Individuals were fooled by her cool calm and collected demeanor Angel s past always creeped up on her when she least expect it Things come full circle and she slowly begins to understand She never had a real chance to deal with her past trauma and it comes back to visit her You will go on this journey and experience a range of emotions I highly recommend this to others

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