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Dump and Chase Download ☆ 104 T longThe party to celebrate the start of the second half of the season was supposed to be no different from any other night And when a stunning stranger approaches him he can’t seem to keep his hands off herThe next morning she’s gone and he’s been traded to his dad’s former team the Nashville Assassins All of his professional dreams are coming true but he can’t shake the memory of the girl from that la. This book should be title Growing Aiden Aiden is the hero in this story At the beginning of the story he is the typical man whore who needs his friend to bring him puck bunny Then by accident he hooked up with Shelly His childhood friend Shelly is forever have a crush on Aiden Then we see Aiden grows up into immature man Where he is too terrified with his own feeling toward Shelly They keep their relationship secret from their families Why I do not know I guess because Aiden is coward At the end when he finally gathers his courgae he said a very jerky comment about Shelly in front of his friends Friends who already knew about their relationship So I am bit confuse with Aiden s character I do not understand why the author put such confusing character development on Aiden In nutshell I still feel swooned by the romantic writing of Miss Aleo I do enjoy the sassy banter between Aiden and Shelly I like Shelly She has some backbone I wish she can make Aiden character makes sense 3 stars

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Dump and Chase Download ☆ 104 St party He wants to see her again Though after moving across the country and without knowing her name that dream seems like a puck destined to miss the netFor Shelli her night with Aiden was everything she’d ever imagined it could be and she’s sure it is all about to change for them But for that to happenhe would have to know who she wasThe Dump was only the beginning The Chase is worth waiting a lifetime for. If this is your first Toni book or you follow her religiously this book is spot on and a can t miss I could not wait to read this book from the moment it was announced until I had it in my hands I have wanted Shelli s story since reading Taking Shots and I could not have been satisfied with how it turned out Dump and Chase is a wonderful story about a strong women who isn t afraid to be vulnerable while kicking ass and taking names I love how Shelli loves so hard she has been in love with Aiden for what seems like her whole life but he never saw her With Shelli being strong I love that she doesn t come across as desperate for Aiden to love her she loves with her everything but is willing to walk away if she isn t getting what she deserves and what she is worth Aiden is messed up than even he knows seeing the pain his Mom went through when he was younger was not something he was willing to risk and seeing him realize just why Shelli is worth it is written so well I felt for him every misstep every knee jerk reaction I could see the wheels turning with his inability to stop himself from hurting someone he cares about and ultimately himself There are so many smiles and laughs throughout this story yes there is turmoil and suspense and oh so much emotion but I love how the characters from previous books stayed true to how I pictured them and that their personalities although matured were most definitely matched with the traits I love in them The way that Toni blends the old and the new characters while closing the gaps and answers uestions for those of us who have followed along with these characters amazes me The set up for future books makes me oh so excited and I cannot wait to see what comes next

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Dump and Chase Download ☆ 104 Shelli Adler has known what she wanted since she was eleven years oldAiden BrooksBut Aiden has always had other ideas After spending the early years of his life without his dad hockey legend Lucas Brooks Aiden is determined not to settle for anything less than true love When he’s ready Now he’s living the fast life of an NHL bachelor He won’t give his heart to any one girl but they can have his body all nigh. 2 MehOur hero prefers having sex with whores and without using a condom than risking his heart in a real relationship What Unprotected sexWTFOur heroine despite being a fool reuires sex with a condom Good for herThe rest of the story is the same as always She has been in love with him since she was a child and he has never seen her like that But the wild sex made him curious about her He has childhood traumas that prevent him from committing himself or saying I love youBlah blah blahHe never noticed It was like I was invisible to him Whoa buddy Where is the condom He draws his brows in I m clean So I don t know that and you also don t know that I m clean though I am He looks so offended Usually the girls Chris brings don t make me wear one Now I m offended Well I m not like these other girls you keep bringing up He blinks and I narrow my eyes You re sure the hell not Wow Couldn t wait for me He trails kisses down my back sueezing my ass as he chuckles No one has ever said that to me Well you may be some hotshot hockey player but I like getting mine just as much as you do So sorry for not asking earlier I look up at him the shadows hiding his beautiful eyes But what s your name I blink A cold feeling fills me as my heart sinks He doesn t know who I am I know it s shitty but Chris didn t tell me your name He usually tells me the names of the girls he brings for me to hook up with For you to hook up with I say slowly Yeah You knew that right Now anger explodes inside me Yeah I lie as I close my eyes I feel tears gather behind my lids as I ask So you don t know who I am I was just another girl for him to fuckMy bedmate s legs are tangled with mine as my arm rests lazily against her waist She is so soft A bit thicker than I m used to but one night with her and I realize I ve been missing out Hell Chris has been holding out on me He should have brought her in at the beginning of our little arrangement I ve never felt this satisfied in my life and man I want It s the first time I regret not being sober when I had sexI owe Chris for this one He never disappoints He brings me some really great girls who keep uiet about our time together but he went above and beyond with her He wasn t interested in you never has been Like you ve said many times it s as if he doesn t even know you re there Why in the world would you think after ten years of being ignored he finally sees you and wants to bang I just wanted him so bad And now you re just a little notch on his bedpost I grin I m special You are she agrees and then she sets me with a look Which is how you should be treated Don t be slumming it with assholes who thought you were brought there to be a booty call No Aiden I am not I wanted to sleep with you and that was it But a bit of advice She leans in and I hold my breath Next time you decide to fuck some girl who walks up to you ask for her name and maybe volunteer to wear a condom Hey don t blame me for liking it without a condom It s a different sensation and I get off faster Faster she asks incredulously You get off faster than that Thank God I made you wear one I have never been accused of not satisfying my partner in bed and it drives me crazy that she is claiming I didn t But honestly Shelli You were just another fuck You gotta remember that