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Gemma Liviero Ê 0 Free read Download ✓ The Road Beyond Ruin · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Se in a secluded woodlandBut the house is far from vacant Stefano wakes at the arrival of its owner Erich a former German soldier who invites the travelers to stay until they can find safe passage home Stefano cautiously agrees intrigued by the disarming German his reclusive neighbor Rosalind and her traumatized hu. DNF 41%I had to pause this since I got two library loans come through back to back and it was somewhat of a relief I tried to get back into it today but alas just not feeling it The structure of the present day to flashbacks to present day is hampering the story and dragging it down The flashbacks are probably meant to create suspense but it seemed pretty clear what happened and I d prefer the characters just fess up already Also dual narration Both narrators are fine but it s not a narration techniue I like and it didn t help with my lack of interest

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Gemma Liviero Ê 0 Free read Download ✓ The Road Beyond Ruin · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sband Georg Stefano is also drawn to Moniue the girl in a photograph on Rosalind’s wall who went missing during the warBut when he discovers letters written by Moniue a darker truth emerges This place of refuge could be one of reckoning and the secrets of the past might prevent the travelers from ever getting hom. So confusing that I have to re read this book Overall the story is fascinating well told except that the author made it a difficult to understand read Each chapter focused on a different character And each character s story in each chapter went back in timeNow focusing on different characters in each chapter is acceptable And going back in time is also acceptable BUT mixing the two together gets very very confusingBy the end I was totally confused so just went with the story until I finished it I now have to re read the book keep notes to keep everything straight enjoy the book than I did the first time If you understand the fact that I seldom see read books you ll understand how frustrating the book was Why didn t I rate the book lower Because it really is a good story

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Gemma Liviero Ê 0 Free read Download ✓ The Road Beyond Ruin · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook For some people in post–World War II Germany the battle is not overAugust 1945 As Stefano an Italian POW heads toward home across war ravaged Germany he encounters a young child beside his dead mother Unable to leave him to an unknown fate Stefano takes the boy with him finding refuge in a seemingly abandoned hou. It s the end of the second world war and everyone is telling lies about the part they played in the conflict Stefano claims to be an Italian soldier who fought with the Germans but was imprisoned when Italy changed sides He is making his way back to Italy when he meets an orphaned young boy and feels compelled to take him under his wing They take refuge in a house but are discovered by a former German soldier There s clearly something sinister about this man In the house next door there s another former German soldier and his wife This soldier is shellshocked and addicted to drugs The novel is split into four narratives becoming five later in the novel Each chapter also features flashbacks showing us the wartime experiences of each of the characters Though the author sustains much of the mystery by withholding information What this novel does best is show how much emotional damage the war did It s a competently written and very well researched novel The reason it didn t warrant five stars for me was I felt the author rather overegged the melodrama towards the end The withholding of key information at times was a little heavy handed And she used the same scenario at least a dozen times showing someone on the verge of being killed who later we discover miraculously escaped It became a little predictable as a ruse It also got a bit over complicated But on the whole an edifying read