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review Butterflys Shadow Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Nagasaki années 1920 Cho Cho a 15 ans et se retrouve orpheline Pour subvenir à ses besoins son oncle décide de vendre les charmes de la jeun Interesting rather addictive and rather sad tale of the first twenty odd years of a man s life covering the between war years and world war two Taking Puccini s opera Madame Butterfly as a starting point so I read I don t know much about opera this builds it into a much greater story and focuses on the life of the son and how mixed up he becomes about who he is and where he belongsCho cho butterfly is fifteen when she is sold as a wife to an American naval officer Pinkerton who believes he s just getting a long term hire on a prostitute Cho cho thinks she s getting married They re together a couple of months then he s off but he leaves behind the start of their son Joey About three years later he returns to Nagasaki yep you already know even in the long run this isn t going to end happily assuming Cho cho has been through a few men on a similiar basis since they last met Except she s been waiting for him with their three year old son At the same time his good wholesome American fiancee Nancy rocks up to surprise him knowing nothing of this And through some self punishment or superiority complex that all American would be better than Japan she persuades Cho cho to give up her son to them and runs off with blood on her clothes never explaining what happened but read between the lines and Cho cho has committed honourable suicideWe then move through some interesting but depressing times of modern history with the depression in America and the vets march on Washington which sees the president order the army to turn on their own people A little forewarning that if this is how they treat what they consider 100% Americans just imagine how bad things are going to be for the multicultural folk Then Pearl Harbour happens the Japanese those who have lived in the States for decades or who even have been born in the States are considered enemy aliens not to be trusted Neighbours reports the less obvious ones to the authorities for Joey takes after his father in his height and looks and isn t obviously Japanese You ve got to love how mankind comes together in the bad times sarcasm So we go to the Japanese internment camps thanks to Roosevelt and the appauling treatment of honest people who never did anything wrong Later on the young men are offered the opportunity of freedom if they enlist and see the irony of being sent off to fight for a country that imprisoned them and to fight against another country that s taking another selection of ethnicity and marching them off to camps And whilst we re all in it together some are in it than others and the Japanese American solider lives can be merrily thrown on the bonfire just as long as the much smaller Texan regiment is saved And we all know how things ended in NagasakiNice way to walk through history but not the happiest tale to read

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review Butterflys Shadow Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB E fille Naïvement elle tombe amoureuse de son premier client Pinkerton un marin américain Un petit garçon naît de cette relation blond comm This historical fiction story begins where Puccini s opera Madame Butterfly concludes It is a beautiful book about undying love a childadult discovering his roots and two families experiences on both sides of the Pacific Ocean before during and after WWII

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review Butterflys Shadow Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB E son père Mais uand la fiancée de Pinkerton l'apprend elle décide de ramener l'enfant aux États unis en lui expliuant ue sa mère est mort Truth is shapeless Like water it can be different things to different people it can bring life if you drink it or death if you drown One truth will tell how a tea house girl took an American sailor into her bed There s a truth in which an orphan child was sold by one man to another There s a truth in which a girl saw a golden man walking up a hill towards her and loved him for the whole of her life Chapter 55 Butterfly s Shadow is a hauntingly heartbreakingly beautiful novel that imagines the aftermath of Puccini s Madama Butterfly Langley s prose flows effortlessly and captures a mood of listless hope Each character is well developed with clear reasonings and motivations that are skilfully revealed via the shifting focalisation The theme of identity threads throughout the narrative as the cast struggle with conflicting realities of who they are The story provides a satisfying contrast to Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and artfully explores the uestion of what happened next

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • Butterflys Shadow
  • Lee Langley
  • English
  • 28 October 2017
  • 9780701184674