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Cement Heart Download ç 100 Beth Ehemann ´ 0 Download review Cement Heart Ll life is just one big game right Wrong When what was supposed to be an innocent bet goes horribly wrong he’s left to deal with the aftermath and the guilt In an effort to m. 2 Gram was my favorite part Stars Sometimes being comforted by someone who loves you unconditionally was the most basic necessity in the world Buddy read this with pretty woman When you are reading a romance book and your favorite and most interesting character in the book is the cool grandma you know something is not right Actually cool grandma has to be one of my favorite characters in a long long time and I would be interested in a book for herself finding love again like damn sign me up The point is I had high expectation and they were not met at all First I will recall the things I enjoyed because I like to think I am a optimistic person we all know is a lie but shhh let s pretend I was smiling in all scenes involving kids is like a vulnerable side for me I met watching families playing around and tattooed guys being careful and trying to change diapers all wonderful and heartwarmingAlthough if you show me a baby in real life I would probably be already at the door leaving not for me not at all I also felt a lot of chemistry between Viper and his psychologist oh wait that s not our main couple ups Okay then I will give it to the mind fucking twist at the start of the book truly tragically amazing I am a person who can usually predict all twists so I am satisfied when they are executed well but in this one I never saw it coming And for our heroine I am not gonna mention her name as I didn t know who it was until 50% in she represented grief well then again I was left wanting depth Is that it Yep yep it is Moving on to the negative and bare with me if I get somehow ranty I dislike Viper a lot At the start of the book I had tolerance because I thought you know what he must be just a likable douche type of hero then scenes with kids happened which yey but every time he opened his mouth my blood boiled so I disliked him uite a lot I just don t like a guy who gets surprised when the psychologist dr is a female because god forbade such an exotic thing Okay in his defense it wasn t only him it was every character seriously what is so surprising for a dr to be female Then he proceeds to try to have sex with her because obviously any female has the only use to be fuckable to which she said no and he immediately classified her as bitch Oh and when she laughed his train of thought was yes it seems big enough UHU RED FLAG Seriously you have a problem if the first thing you think when you see a woman laugh is oh big enough to put my dick inside Not hot Our hero way of insulting his friend is always such a pussy such a girl sorry I don t roll with that I can rescue something about him though like tattoos handsome cooks like his granny and is good with kidsThe rest of things I disliked would be lack of chemistry I get why we couldn t feel it at the start but it went from none to all so fast I wasn t there for it Also I wanted angst and tension but because the romance or whatever just started to develop about 65% in then it didn t have the time for it And LACK OF PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION holy shit You know how you usually get tired because authors mention a character s blue eyes or red hair every single chapter Well I would have seriously preferred that to getting to know our heroine had blue eyes and blond hair after 60% mark also the only thing I got from Viper was that he was tall and had tattoos So yeah I was not surprised when other reviews represented our heroine with brown hair and green eyes truly not their fault And yes I am so mad about that because I need the physical descriptions for my collage at the start of the review Anyway I feel that if you don t have any problem with the above then pick this up and enjoy

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Cement Heart Download ç 100 Beth Ehemann ´ 0 Download review Cement Heart Lawrence Finkle known simply to his die hard Minnesota Wild fans as Viper isn’t used to hearing the word no He lives his whole life just a little on the reckless side After a. 45 stars The moment I finished the Cranberry Inn series I was dying to start Viper s book I just knew I would love it Seriously Viper is so funny and my type of hero What I didn t expect was for it to be so emotional I had so many tears and feelings while listening to this book My heart broke for Viper and all he d been through I don t want to talk too much about this story because I think it s best to go in a bit blind I didn t even know who the heroine was and when I found out my jaw dropped a little but in a good way I loved that I was surprised and I loved even the way things turned out between Viper and his woman Another thing I loved about this book is Viper and his relationship with his Gams My Grandma was the closest person to me until she passed away four years ago so I could relate to him on such a deep level with this Sometimes being comforted by someone who loves you unconditionally was the most basic necessity in the world I m a little bummed that the second book isn t available via audio book because if it was I would jump to it right away I guess I ll have to settle for reading it I know I won t be waiting long to get to it I can t wait for Viper

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Cement Heart Download ç 100 Beth Ehemann ´ 0 Download review Cement Heart Ake things right the best way he can he ends up falling for the one person on the planet he never should have The old saying goes that two wrongs don’t make a right or do the. This review is personal It s no secret that I adore Beth Ehemann Through this crazy book world we were brought together in such an ironic way by having a mutual friend outside of the craziness someone I have known since I was 5 years old That s how Beth and I met Beth wasn t an author at the time but has since published 4 books and been signed by Montlake Publishing for a re release of the Cranberry Inn series in addition to future new books To say that I am immensely proud of her is an understatement Aside from my personal feelings towards Beth I can say with the utmost integrity and sincerity that Beth Ehemann is a talented and gifted author I have been blessed to be a beta reader for Beth for all 4 of her books What amazes me the most about her books is that they are the opposite of her What I mean by that is Beth isn t writing her story or writing about things that have happened in her life She is truly creating the most original and endearing characters and storylines This is a talent Her instincts amaze me Her fortitude is so admirable When she puts pen to paper or fingers to keyboard she knows what she s doing and doesn t stop creating her vision She does not waver and will fight to stay true these fictional people who have become an extension of herSo let s talk about Viper From his first introduction in Room For You Viper was a stand out All readers of the Cranberry Inn series will agree We were drawn to him The seemingly bad boy womanizer Right Wrong In Cement Heart Beth once again blindsides us all A trait she possesses as an author that I continually applaud her for because Viper is than meets the eye There is so much to that tough guy exterior and definitely a crack in what is described as his cement heart Beth obliterated that cement heart Cement Heart is a journey Viper faces some hard truths and devastating realities and the path he follows takes us to some very unexpected places His transformation is gut wrenching heartwarming and hopeful Cement Heart has all the feelsBeth introduces some new and truly special stand out characters in Cement Heart Their relationships with Viper bring a new level of understanding to the heart and soul of this man I was transported right into the devastation the downward spiral and the harsh realities that Viper faced However as Viper fought his way back I was rewarded with the courage and strength of a truly uniue and complex character Beth covers it all and somehow makes it absolutely uplifting And after it all she brings Viper the ultimate happily ever after that even he did not see comingCement Heart is a romance and a journey of self discovery It encompasses the love of family and friendships with tons of wisdom and support It is without uestion Beth s best work to date and that s saying a lot considering she came right out the gate setting the bar very high for herself My awe of her and her talent grows and grows Not only is she one of my favorite authors but she is a friend and a sister I just can t put any higher stamp of approval on her and her work than that She amazes me