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review Charlies Night Ty Marton Ø 5 Read & Download Charlies Night characters à 5 Ve at the end of each chapter YOU drive the story with the touch of a button Several uniue endings and dozens of storyline possibilities Includes a FREE preview of the highly anticipated 'BREAKDOWN MOTEL PART TWO' the entire twist filled first chapterAUTHOR'S NOTE This is an adult story focused on themes of bondage discipline and sadomasochism between adult men over the age of eighteen Subject matter includes explicit sexual activity and scenes of intense BDSM play fisting electrotorture spanking dubious consent watersports CBT etc It is a work of fiction and intended purely as fantasy for mature readers If such material offends you or if reading or owning such material is prohibited in the area where you live then you should find another tit. 35 star spank bank material Charlie is a twink celebrating his 18th birthday at a leathermen bar Eager to play with the big boys this is a night not to be forgotten What is uniue about this book is the choose your own adventure style circa 1980s The reader picks what happens to Charlie Does he go with Reno Peck or try to pick up someone else at the bar I went through every permutation I thought Reno was going to be the darkest one and I was wrong in some senses One of the ways Charlie ends up with Reno ends with some hawt humiliation and fisting Fist that tight ass and bust his asshole open That s what I want to read I want to read about Charlie screaming for mercy and getting his ass ripped apart in furious poundingFrom a character perspective Charlie is a cocky little shit I could care less about him which is why I want him to really get in over his head I can usually rely on Mr Marton to give his characters a hard time In this one it s almost there to the edge of no return only to pull back with a smirk and a tease One of the options leads Charlie into piercing and sexual slavery Just when it starts to get good the adventure ends BOO Mr Marton is a cock tease I want I want it all I want Charlie to BAWL This mm kinky adventure is recommended for those who like it dark and twisted

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review Charlies Night Ty Marton Ø 5 Read & Download Charlies Night characters à 5 Adventure guiding him through his big night and deciding which way the story turns Think you can handle the most brutal sadistic Doms in the bar Feel like taking a chance with the mysterious stranger from out of town Looking to earn your first collar It's ALL up to YOU And as soon as you finish just turn back to page one and make some new decisions for a completely NEW erotic story With so many characters to meet choices to make and potential endings to discover the possibilities are nearly limitlessBut don't worry no matter what choices you make one thing is for sure Charlie is in for a night that he and you will NEVER forget Over 50000 words and almost thirty chapters of intense kinky erotica from the mind of Ty Marton Completely interacti. For just a little than 4 this is a very good ualityprice ratio And you can choose in which direction the story will go so it better matches your preferences Or just like me you can read all the possibilities of story lines I prefered the story with Peck and the part with Hank too But there are other surprising sections

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review Charlies Night Ty Marton Ø 5 Read & Download Charlies Night characters à 5 Charlie just couldn't help himself For as long as he could remember the young man wanted nothing than to submit to a dominant firm handed top and had spent his teenage life counting the minutes until he was finally old enough to venture out to the Falcon's Talon a legendary leather barWell tonight's the night Charlie Franklin is oficially eighteen years old just old enough to get into trouble and just young enough not to know any better And you'd better believe that the dominant studs at the Falcon's Talon are than ready to put this eager young twink through his pacesWill Charlie's most submissive fantasies finally come true Or has the naïve stud bitten off than he can chew YOU will decide as you step into Charlie's shoes and choose your own. Well I liked it but at the same time it was a bit unsatisfying The interactiveness is the reader picking which Dom young Charlie would like to play with if he ll use his safeword if he ll leave the club with them etc etcThe problem is the Doms are caricatures Do I pick the one who calls Charlie his fucktoy bitch and promises I m gonna hurt you until you like it No limits No safewords No mercy Or do I pick the one who tells Charlie You ll only taste cum when you ve pleased me Hmmm choices choicesAlthough the book is 3848 locations each story is necessarily much less than that That doesn t leave much room for plot Or character development Ha ha The second time I read it I ended up having poor Charlie view spoiler fisted by an unknown on duty cop in a car park basement on a filthy cum and urine stained mattress while being watched by the security guard over the closed circuit camera hide spoiler