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Summary Drunk on the Moon

Drunk on the Moon

Summary Drunk on the Moon Free read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Paul D. Brazill Paul D. Brazill ñ 8 Free download Mmoth Book Of Best British Crime His short story collection '13 Shots Of Noir' will be published in 2011 He writes regularly for Pulp Metal Magazine and Mean Streets Magazine His influential blog is You Would Say That Wouldn't Yo. Paul Brazil negotiates tricky moonlight rivers of blood Mel Torme AND Dusty Springfield really bad hangovers worse doggy jokes and Tonton Macoute just to name a few of the obstacles between our hero and his next benderwith an ease and grace that one expects from a full Professor of the Midnight University

Free read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Paul D. Brazill

Summary Drunk on the Moon Free read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Paul D. Brazill Paul D. Brazill ñ 8 Free download When a full moon fills the night sky P I Roman Dalton becomes a werewolf and prowls the dark streets of the city battling creatures of evil Paul D Brazill's Drunk On The Moon is an intense and hard boiled noir horror series broug. I have never done this with a review I mean this is supposed to be my thoughts and feelings on a what I think of someone s written work BUT yesterday I read a review a five star review on that someone put up about Paul D Brazill s Drunk on the Moon It is so amazing I just felt I had to show this to you instead of just popping the link in here it is probably one of the most complete reviews I think I have ever read on there Just intense as well as complimentary here it is in its entirety Les Edgerton Ft Wayne IN Yowza I just bought Paul D Brazill s newest offering DRUNK ON THE MOON a couple of hours ago and read it all the way through my mouth agape on every single pageThere are writers one reads for plot for story for strong characterization for brilliant description for brilliant dialog for all kinds of things I read Mr Brazill for all of those and but the thing I always look for in his work and am always amply rewarded is his writing To wit the way he turns a phrase creates original diginal language and so much gooder than any other writer I know He s the only writer I know who makes his work hard to read on a Kindle Why Because on just about every page I keep dropping it when I can t help myself and clap my hands in delightHere s just a few of the gems that are sprinkled liberally on almost every single pageNausea curdles away inside youthe migraine bright bathroomThe oil slick of nightDetective Ivan Walker flew in out of the storm like a murder of crowsSuddenly a sickly stew of screams and howls clung to the wind and drifted down to my carThe moonlight oozed across The City s dank cobblestones like uicksilverDays bled into weeks which hemorrhaged into months until the winter crept up and smothered the whiskey coloured autumn days with darknessOutside a sharp sliver of moon garroted the coal black skyThe winter moon hung fat and gibbousDark dreams lapped at the shore of my sleep until I awoke drowning in sweatOn the stage partially clad young women slid around like spaghetti on an alcoholic s plateHe rolled the r in grim like it was a chainsaw starting up I mean who writes like that Nobody Nobody but Paul D Brazill As a writer whenever I read one of his stories I feel like the pig who fell into a vat of sour cream Brazill isn t just a writer he s a poet and you can take any of his stories and write a master s thesis on just the language employedAs Emily Dickenson said about the very best of writing It takes the top of my head offIf you re a writer read Brazill at your peril He ll make you want to take your typewriter and go home and learn plumbing Or just blow your brains outIf you re just a reader who loves brilliant writing go right ahead Be prepared to keep yelling out to your roommate Hey You ve got to read thisOver and over I have no other words but wow

Paul D. Brazill ñ 8 Free download

Summary Drunk on the Moon Free read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ñ Paul D. Brazill Paul D. Brazill ñ 8 Free download Ht to you by some of the finest dark fiction writers around Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland His writing has appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies including the 2011 Ma. Its been many moons ago since I was last drunk and so judging a book by its title Drunk on the moon didn t uite tick all the boxes at a first glance I liked the cover art but did not understand until reading the connection with the story I was expecting a basic crime story but instead I was totally surprised in to finding it a really well written crisp story with originality It had interesting characters punchy lines dark humour and a promising beginning of a series with a main protagonist PI with a twist of supernatural This an author who I will be looking forward to reading from

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