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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Alex Rosa Alex Rosa × 4 Download Read & Download Tryst AUTHOR Alex Rosa 104 In this sensational New Adult debut by Alex Rosa boyfriends are too much trouble So what’s the harm in a little funWith an abusive relationship behind her Skyler moves out of her Orange County apartment changes her phone number cuts ties with her friends and mo. I loved the premise of this book I love when the heroine falls for her brother s best friend especially when that best friend is a model and has a revolving door of women coming in and out of his bedroom What can I sayI love those storiesSkyler is left with little choice but to move in with her brother after she leaves her abusive boyfriend Blake is Josh s best friend and roommate and Skyler is warned to stay away from Blake Skyler knows she should stay away from him Skyler sees how many women go through the apartment for Blake but no matter how hard she tries she can t keep her distance from Blake I wanted to love this book but I unfortunately I didn t The characters and the premise were there but the execution of the story was not The flow of the character s verbiage and actions felt awkward Skyler was pre med but some of her actions and behaviors felt immature The way she behaved at the bar and then when Blake s ex girlfriend appeared I love ex girlfriend drama but those scenes felt like manufactured drama My other issue was that I am not a fan of when the heroine states than once that she should or needs to get laid I got it the first time she said itIt was hard for me to connect to Blake and Skyler I felt that their relationship felt forced There were times when I felt connected to Rich and Skyler than Blake and Skyler This is not a love triangle Rich is a friend who feels but Skyler really has her eyes set on Blake from the beginning I saw the author s intent but I unfortunately did not feel itA copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Alex Rosa Alex Rosa × 4 Download Read & Download Tryst AUTHOR Alex Rosa 104 Ves in with her brother Josh a talent agent with a spare room in his incredible house in HollywoodJosh is happy to take Skyler under his wing but he has one rule she can’t sleep with his roommate Blake That’s fine by Skyler She doesn’t want a man in her lif. BLAKE Brother s best friend alert SWOON I also loved how strong and determined Skyler was to make changes in her life after extracting herself from a terrible situation I loved that she only wantedneeded Blake to meet her needs temporarily and that he didn t know what to do with that I loved that they developed a frienship over the course of their arrangement and that there was no slut shaming Skyler enjoyed her time with Blake PeriodThis book was rife with raw angst delicious sexual tension and toe curling romance It kept me riveted from beginning to end I highly recommend this New Adult romance

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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook × Alex Rosa Alex Rosa × 4 Download Read & Download Tryst AUTHOR Alex Rosa 104 E right now and certainly not cocky Blake who’s with a different girl every night But his all American boy charm and his ripped model physiue are difficult to refuse Josh will never know if no one ever tells him And a little secret now and then never hurt anyon. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Tryst is a standalone new adult contemporary romance It is a fun romp with the brothers best friend turned secret romance trope It is a fun read that will have you fanning yourself I am even impressed when I found out that this was Alex Rosa s debut New Adult novel Tryst is just what the name implies a fun sexy romance It is the story of Skylar a pre med serious student and soccer player She puts her schooling first but after a nasty and I do mean nasty breakup she moves in with her older brother to continue attending college I really did like the brother sister relationship that Skylar and Josh shared I know she had her moments of doubt but I feel like Josh really stepped up in the family department both of their parents passed awayAnd then you have Blake Blake is josh s roommate and best friend out in LA He is an enigma wrapped in a contradiction but he is a yummy one at that On one hand he seemed to open with Skylar but in the other hand he didn t really open up about a lot of him at all It takes a good part of the book to get to know Blake and the funny thing is you don t even know that you don t know him until things start to get revealed I know that sounds weird but I was reading along and totally enjoying the story and I was thinking that Skylar was the one that needed to open up and that Blake was up front with her about himself All that jazz and then bam some stuff gets revealed about Blake and I was like whoa I had no idea he was even holding anything back You just have to read to know what I am talking about He is a complicated dude But I really liked that about him He is a good person at his core And he has slamming chemistry with SkylarThere are lots of roadblocks along the way and it has all the elements that you would expect this trope to have The sneaking around leads to confusion and jealousy It was a little predictable but was nonetheless a very enjoyable ride I can t wait to read books by Alex Rosa Tryst really delivered If you are looking for a fun and sexy read look no further than Tryst This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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