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Jane Austen and Names review ☆ 0 Y creations for the would be fashionable In this study of a hitherto neglected area of the novelist’s art Maggie Lane looks at the history of English nomenclature up to Jane Austen’s time and at the naming patterns and practices current in her society including who was entitled to use the Christian name of whom A section on Jane Austen’s own taste in names is followed by an alphabetical listing of all the Christian names used in her mature fiction with their history social status and associations 'Jane Austen and Names' is a must read for anyone interested in the great novelist Praise for Maggie. They say his name is Henry A proof of how uneually the gifts of Fortune are bestowed I have seen many a John Thomas much agreeable from J Austen LettersWhat s in a name According to William Shakespeare or better his Juliet not so much That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet But Maggie Lane thinks otherwise and has researched the importance given to names by Jane Austen especially in her mature work That means Ms Lane focuses her analysis on the major six novels Pride and Prejudice Sense and Sensibility Mansfield Park Emma Northanger Abbey and Persuasion In the six sections of the book the author proposes interesting reflections comparisons and analysis related to the use of names in history in Jane Austen s time and in Jane Austen s most famous novels A Brief History of Names Naming Patterns and Practices The Use of Christian Names Jane Austen s Feeling For Names Names in the Novels of Jane Austen An Alphabetical Index

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Jane Austen and Names review ☆ 0 For Jane Austen Edmund was a name the represented heroism and chivalry Maria signified heartlessness and Richard was a joke She had a weakness for Emma and a passion for Frederick which endured from her earliest years until she bestowed it on her last and most romantic hero Unlike most novelists of her period in naming her characters Jane Austen confined herself to the names found in everyday life choosing them to fit not only their personalities but their place in society While the classic English names are her staple she also drew on the Old Testament for her low born characters and eighteenth centur. Jane Austen and names un breve ma interessante saggio che prende in considerazione tutti i nomi utilizzati nei romanzi della famosa scrittrice inglese tentando di scoprire di volta in volta il motivo della sceltaIl saggio si compone di numerose sezioni tra cui Jane Austen s feelings for names e Names in the novels of Jane AustenMaggie Lane ha di sicuro compiuto un grosso lavoro le sue teorie si ricollegano spesso ai contenuti delle lettere private di Jane Austen e uindi direttamente ai suoi gusti personali e alle sue opinioni mentre l ultima sezione del libro elenca in ordine alfabetico tutti ma proprio tutti i nomi utilizzati nei romanzi anche uelli di giardinieri o cameriere apparsi una sola voltaL autrice ci spiega uali fossero i nomi pi in voga uando Jane Austen scrisse i suoi romanzi uali venissero ormai utilizzati solo dalle classi sociali pi levate uali fossero invece caduti in disuso e perch Si possono poi scoprire delle vere e proprie curiosit ovvero che il nome Elizabeth deriva da Isabel o che la scrittrice per i personaggi alla moda e presuntuosi tendeva ad utilizzare nomi derivati dal latino come Augusta o Louisa mentre per i personaggi di bassa estrazione sociale vecchi nomi biblici o di santi come Hannah o diminutivi come Betty o che Edward a ben vedere l unico uomo ad essere chiamato in famiglia con il suo nome di battesimo pensiamo invece al Colonnello Brandon o a Mr Knightley o allo stesso DarcyInteressante anche l appunto che la sterilit della famiglia di Kellynch sia indicata dal loro confinarsi negli stessi nomi per secoli all the Marys and Elizabeths they had married o che a uanto pare i cognomi terminanti con una Y fossero particolarmente graditi a Jane Austen pensiamo a Darcy Bingley Knightley mentre il nome Dick fosse riservato a bambini e ragazzi particolarmente poco simpatici come Dick MusgroveUna tra le ipotesi pi interessanti uella concernente il nome di Mr Darcy senior che Maggie Lane ipotizza potesse essere George visto che il suo primo e unico figlio maschio ha come nome il cognome da nubile della madre mentre la sua seconda figlia stata chiamata Georgiana e il suo figliocco Wickham GeorgeSpendo due parole anche per la copertina a cui di solito non do peso e di cui non parlo spesso che davvero molto bella e ben fattaTra le pecche di uesto saggio vi sono invece le freuenti ripetizioni e un mancato approfondimento liddove me lo sarei aspettata Nonostante ci si tratta di una lettura molto piacevole e sono sicura che ualunue appassionato di Jane Austen potr trovarla interessante e forse troppo brevehttpiltesorodicartablogspotit20

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Jane Austen and Names review ☆ 0 Lane 'This book will enrich our interpretation of Jane Austen's fiction for Ms Lane makes us look afresh at the use of food as symbol and metaphor’ Jane Austen Society Newsletter Maggie Lane is the author of many books on Jane Austen including 'Jane Austen's Family' 'Jane Austen's England' 'Jane Austen and Food' 'Understanding Austen' and the forthcoming 'Growing Older with Jane Austen' She also lectures and writes for the journals of the Jane Austen Societies of the UK US and Australia and is Consultant Editor of Regency World magazine Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publishe. After finishing Jane Austen and Food it was time to get on with Maggie Lane s Jane Austen and Names Names have a special meaning to most of us and mostly names mean than just the name itself In this study Maggie Lane has looked at an area which has not been given much attention She looks at the history of English names up to Jane Austen s time and the pattern of giving names in society and the way Jane Austen uses names that fits the personality of her characters as well as their place in society Unlike most novelists of her period Jane Austen used names found in everyday lifeSometimes she uses a name to explain the characteristics Her Charlottes are usually clear eyed pragmatists and her Henrys are rarely without charm More often characters given the same name have nothing in common at all In one novel Fanny might be a despicable mercenary snob and in another the timid tender hearted heroine George Wickham and George Knightley are morally worlds apart No fewer than three of Jane Austen s most vulgar characters are named Anne but so too is the possessor of the most refined mind she created In her six published novels Jane Austen uses 26 boy s names and 55 girls names They are repeated through her novels for the naming of 114 male characters and 127 female characters For some characters she just uses only surnames Mr and Mrs Allen Mr and Mrs Bennet Colonel and Mrs Wallis etcBetween 1750 and 1799 20% of boys in England were called William 19% John and 16% Thomas Most of the others were named Edward Richard Robert Charles Henry or James 24% of girls were called Mary 19% Elizabeth and 14% Anne We do recognise many of those names from her books Marriage seniority and social status also played a part when calling a person by hisher Christian name or by the surname Servants were mostly called by their Christian name and Jane Austen often uses the names of Thomas John Stephen Willian and Robert Edmund was a name that represented heroism and chivalry Maria signified heartlessness and Richard was a joke She had a weakness for Emma and a passion for Frederick which endured from her earliest years until she bestowed it on her last and most romantic hero The purpose of this study says Maggie Laneis to show that in nomenclature as in every other aspect of the novelist s art Jane Austen had as much imagination and interest in the subject as her sister novelists but her sensitivity to the social nuances of names drew her in the opposite direction from most of them For her Nature and Probability were all important and she chose the names of her characters accordingly As a result her world is peopled with characters whose names rarely draw attention to themselves but which add subtly to the depth and truthfulness of her portraits The we know about these names the fully we can enter into this world As for Jane Austen and Food this book is very well researched and also uite academic I find it fascinating to see how important the names can be in a book and it seems that Jane Austen was one who gave it uite a thought Especially with lovers can we even imaging other names for some of the lovers in history or books like Tristan and Isolde Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius Elizabeth and Darcy Catherine and Heathcliff Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester Scarlett and Rhett Claire and Jamie and many othersMaggie Lane s research into the naming world of Jane Austen also gives you food for thought on how important a name is A person is characterised by a name and often when we hear a name we know we associate it with a person in our surroundings I will think now on how writers name their characters after having read this bookThese two books give you an insight into the world of Jane Austen and how she managed to include real life experience into her fiction That makes them even interesting and maybe that is why they are still popular 300 years after they were written We can still see something there today that we recognise Both books make an interesting addition to the studies of Jane Austen and her worldThis book was given to me to review by Endeavour Press The views put forward are my personal onesJane Austen and Names by Maggie LaneEndeavour Press Ltd 2014