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  • 23 May 2019
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Alan Lloyd Ä 7 characters

Alan Lloyd Ä 7 characters Download Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Alan Lloyd Read Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd A peaceful valley of woodland and marsh little changed for centuriesUntil a ferocious invader appears wild mink savage and unstoppableIt is left to a brave but tiny hunter Kine th. 25 strsI picked this up because I couldn t find my copy of The Last Unicornand somehowthis was my idea of making up for it unicornsarerealThis has some mad Watership Down vibes in that it s not the most kid friendly kids bookLike Watership Down it s goryUnlike Watership Down it s kind of a struggle to get through the overly long descriptive passages Unfortunately it becomes redundant writing Honestly it was painful at timesI found half way through that the best way to read this is to mostly skim it Even the story makes sense that wayKine the weasel protagonist himself is also kinda unlikable He s beyond arrogant and it grates my delicate nervesThe other characters don t have the charm of anyone from Animals of Farthing Wood but they aren t all entirely bland Kia the female weasel is decent The Watcher an old rook is coolThere s also a cantankerous adder in this so that makes me happyOverall it s good in that it was affective in its violence Definitely LikeI m not a fur coat wearer by any means but I ve never so much wished for the death of a mink Vicious bastardsFinal point Over arching story is good but execution a bit painful Sadly most likely will not continue the series

Download Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Alan LloydKine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd

Alan Lloyd Ä 7 characters Download Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Alan Lloyd Read Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd E weasel to fight back against Gru and her dark followers So with Kine and his motley allies we spend one glorious unforgettable summer in another world a world where solitary cre. When you have to read the blurb to know what s going on you know its not going to be the most enjoying read I literally have no idea what the point was to some characters for instance the old man who dies at the end like he didn t have much purpose I mean I guess he raised kine s daughter and whatnot but still it was weird And some other characters I felt like had no purpose was this girl and her boyfriend The book doesn t say what their names are and the whole thing just annoyed me On the plus side I liked the story and the animal characters which was why I read this though I wish the villains had character and appeared and I will admit I did drift off at times but hopefully the next books will be better

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Alan Lloyd Ä 7 characters Download Ç eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Alan Lloyd Read Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd Atures prowl secret paths and hedgerows and whiskered legions gather for battle as autumn draws nearBewitching cruel fresh poetic sad here is all the magic of the hidden coutrysid. Lovely adventurous story written for rather intelligent children it seems I made a long list of words to look up although the general meaning of most is evident Many words not in common use in the US The story is excellent full of biology and botany and the reader learns much about the wildlife in this area of the English countryside The author lives here or did but the story is fictional based on observed facts A map is provided on the back cover of the jacket which I found helpful Young readers should enjoy this story and adults should as well I don t know the age range this was meant to include but I would have loved the book in grade school It s novel size so not for very young children A literary book for kids