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Shiloh Walker ê 9 review free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Shiloh Walker free read The Hunters Eli and Sarel 109 On he has for Torrance Reilly the wife and lover of his best friend Sarel is a lean red haired wild eyed witch with a soul to match his She has a thirst for justice and a yea. The plot held together well and was mildly interesting In my opinion it held of a storyline than the previous book Unfortunately there were multiple typos improper verb usage and repetitive statements which made it difficult for me to focus The characters were decent and believable Romance was so so but the graphic and steamy sex scenes were of the focus in this book Not as much as in the previous book but still noticeable A one point I felt like I had missed a section and had to go back but to my disappointment the story just stopped in one place and started again in another The ending seemed abrupt and cut off as if there should have been a few pages but overall not bad but not great either It was worth reading but I doubt I would read it a second time

free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Shiloh WalkerThe Hunters Eli and Sarel

Shiloh Walker ê 9 review free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Shiloh Walker free read The Hunters Eli and Sarel 109 Rning for a love to fill the void inside her Sarel has been searching for Elijah She is here now prowling his grounds waiting to get into his house Sarel has come to kill him. I didn t like Sarel the heroine so that made it hard to like the story She was arrogant and condescending when she had no reason to be Added to that the first 70 pages of this 100 page book were about Eli having sex with Declan and Tori and ehso far this is my least favorite of the series

Shiloh Walker ê 9 review

Shiloh Walker ê 9 review free download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê Shiloh Walker free read The Hunters Eli and Sarel 109 Book 2 in The Hunters series After three long centuries of aching loneliness Elijah Crawford Hunter of the Council has finally found a woman Maybe she can replace the obsessi. For the fans of Shiloh Walker s Hunter series the author is currently re releasing all of the previous stories in ebook format Shiloh is hoping to release most of the storylines in 2012HUNTERS Book 2 Eli and SarelHUNTERS Eli and Sarel is the second instalment in Shiloh Walker s Hunter series Elija Crawford is a hunter A master vampire who s only desire is to rid the world of the human scum that preys on innocent women and children When a young human female is the next victim of her father s murderous rage Elijah must enact swift justice Saving the life of the young child Eli soon learns that there is a missing sister who may have fallen victim before he could bring her to safety But years later his best friend Declan has mated and Eli struggles with his loneliness Although he is often included in their sexual escapades Eli continues to search for the allusive someone Sarel Chandler wants revenge against the vampire that destroyed her family As a young witch only coming into her powers Sarel uses every means at her disposal to perfect the poison that would slowly kill the creature that took her sister and killed her parents With deadly aim Sarel Chandler takes down Elijah Crawford for a crime that she has always presumed he committed But when the truth of what happened that night so many years ago is finally revealed Sarel learns that she has made an awful mistakeA strong sexual relationship develops between Eli and Sarel but her self esteem continues to plummet when she realizes that Eli is in love with his best friend s mate And to complicate matters Eli is often included in the couple s sexual fantasies Believing she will never be enough for Eli Sarel begins to withdraw and Eli has no choice but to send her away once again But the couple now has a mate bond and although both refuse to admit their love and acknowledge their bond the separation begins to slowly eat away at Eli and Sarel to the point that neither may ever recover It will take a not so friendly push from the other woman to force Sarel back to the only man she will ever love HUNTERS Eli and Sarel is an erotic paranormal fantasy with plenty of sexual scenarios involving 2 4 people at any time But saying that there is a storyline of love betrayal and forgiveness as well as the continued Hunter series of investigations and vigilante justice for those who have been assaulted or killed The anxiety between the couple is high as neither is willing to admit to their true feelings but the love and mate bond will flourish and a HEA is always inevitable At one point I was worried when it appeared that there would be no way to affect closure for two people so hurt yet so much in love but Shiloh wraps up the story in a neat little package whereby even a young witch can tame a wild heart

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