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  • 09 September 2019
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Kathleen Cosgrove Á 6 Summary

Engulfed Free read Ç 106 Tective that she has developed a school girls crush onIt's not long before she's engulfed in events that will either destroy her or prove to her that it's never too late to be. Move over Janet Evanovitch Kathleen Cosgrove s debut novel Engulfed will have you laughing and rooting for poor beleaguered Maggie Finn as she finds herself neck deep in murder and some really strange characters All she came to Florida for was to move her parents into a retirement village Instead she finds herself a murder target Her characters are well developed and each is uniue If you enjoy realistic situational humor and a good plot this is the book to get

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Engulfed Free read Ç 106 Gin again and that life isn't over until it isThis book is filled with fun and unforgettable characters and situations that never leave a dull moment from page one to epilogue. This is a great and funny read The main character Maggie is so adorable and oh at the stuff she gets herself in to She has some great friends who help along the way I love Zig and his mom Dorothy old school enchantress The underlying attraction between Maggie and Detective Nathan Gonzales is refreshing Kathleen Cosgrove has done an exceptional job with this story which is both intriguing and entertaining I look forward to reading the seuel Entangled

Summary Engulfed

Engulfed Free read Ç 106 Maggie Finn travels to South West Florida expecting to find heat sand and gangs of old people What she finds are dead bodies a kidnapping the mob and a certain Jewish Cuban de. Just another author who has no clue about the correct use of pronouns Book needed some serious proofreading