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review All the Birds in the Sky 107 Childhood friends Patricia Delfine a witch and Laurence Armstead a mad scientist parted ways under mysterious circumstances during middle school But. This is one weirdass book A good kind of weird but it definitely isn t for everyoneAll the Birds in the Sky transcends genres refusing to find its place anywhere is it sci fi Paranormalfantasy Dystopianalternate world Magical realism In truth it s some of all of those A uirky and strange blend of science and magicI can t really liken it to anything else which makes reviewing hard but is ultimately a huge compliment I love to be able to say I have never read anything like this and I have definitely never ever read anything uite like this Damn I don t even know how much I should say about itThe story follows two characters Patricia who is a witch and Laurence who is the epitome of a science genius building his own two second time machine in middle school Strangely though the rest of this world feels like contemporary realism with Patricia s witchiness and Laurence s genius defining them as outsiders and causing them to be bullied and punished by their parents We stay with Patricia and Laurence through their childhood which is why this is sometimes being labelled YA and into their adult life Behind it all there lingers the creepy Mr Rose a shadow across the novel His unsettling presence brings a darkness to the story as we long to know what he wants from our protagonistsStylistically the book feels like magical realism weaving elements of fantasy and sci fi into everyday life I can t uite decide if it s about science vs nature or the intrinsic overlapping of the two so I ll let you be the judge but it is an interesting tale about the power of both nature and science wrapped up in a surface story of witches and climate change Like I said weirdPatricia as a witch who can talk to animals is an embodiment of nature Laurence as a technological genius is an embodiment of science These two seem like complete opposites and yet their lives are forced together often at their reluctance For a shortish novel All the Birds in the Sky is packed full of interesting ideas and symbolism as well as a nice little nod toward the idea that the fate of the world lies in the hands of the rebels the outsiders the nonconformists It has an almost epic feel to it Strange but compelling I would recommend this to readers who are looking for something differentBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest

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review All the Birds in the Sky 107 As adults they both wind up in near future San Francisco where Laurence is an engineering genius and Patricia works with a small band of other magici. All the Birds in the Sky is a trove of near misses and reads like a low budget bad action flick Among its flaws the book contains characters who lack depth children who talk like adults forced romance and a hollow plot lacking substance

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review All the Birds in the Sky 107 Ans to secretly repair the world’s ever growing ailments But something is determined to bring them back together to either save the world or end it. I didn t want to finish this but I wanted it to be over A short book but every day the Kindle would taunt me with the slow progression of %86% 90% 94% I would groan and sigh every time I went to pick it up There was no way to remember what was happening because every chapter was so different and so weird There was very little continuity huge time jumps and no cohesion of location meaning I never knew exactly when or where the charaters were They said get lost in a book I was just lost An odd mash up of magic sci fi and dystopia I really couldn t tell what this book was trying to be I thought maybe I would come around if it had a good ending but it kind of just fizzledThere are certainly some out there who would like this book but I cannot say who for sure so I am unable to officially recommend it to any demographic

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