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Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6

Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 summary ´ 0 Er the tables have turned As fate would have it the prissy rich girl has come back into my life and she’s in some real trouble I’m the president of the Sons of Lucifer Motorcycle Club and she’s been sleeping with the enemy I hope she doesn’t think those beautiful blue eyes those perky tits and the way she says my name with be enough to save her But I’ll make her try This contemporary romance novel contains adult themes violence and sexual content Sixth book in the Vegas Titans biker romance series Standalone No cliffhange. Harper and Dominic fall in love when they are young and before they can take it to the next stage Harpers psychotic brother intrudes and takes the life out of Dominic so to save him Harper does all she can she walks away so that her brother will not kill him Ten years later Harper and Dominic have not forgotten one another but Dominic has a lot of dislike for Harper Thinking that she left him for dead and did not care for him like he cared for her When they both finally accept how they still feel for one another the electricity between them is explosive Dominic definitely deserved to be happy with his love of his life

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Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 summary ´ 0 Kiss one last goodbye But our last kiss turns out to be the biggest mistake I’ve ever madeI didn’t know my sociopath older brother would be early to pick me up He saw our kiss and now he’s literally about to kill Dominic the same way he used to kill my pets when we were younger Dominic ThorneTo her I was just a summer fling a safe way to slum it with a dangerous guy and escape all the repercussions There’s no other excuse why else would she leave me unconscious on the beach after her brother drowned me Well now 10 years lat. Betraying Beauty is another hit in the Vegas Titans Series Harper Sinclair and Dominic Thorne fell in love 10 years ago At the end of summer they each had to go back to the responsibility of their other lives Harper though she was going to get a little time with Dominic when her psycho brother showed up early Ten years later Harper and Dominic meet again under not so good circumstances Dominic is the President of the Sons of Lucifer MC and Harper is a junior partner at a law firm Dominic is still angry with Harper because he thought she left him for dead the last time he saw her He doesn t remember that she actually saved him before she leftThe second chance meeting is at a very bad time for both of them however it does save Harper from having a white pill shoved down her throat by her date who wants her to marry him Issues arise and Harper is forced to leave with Dominic Harper and Dominic are forced to work together to get out of a mess they got themselves inI really enjoyed read this story and I can t wait to see what s next in the seriesE copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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Betraying Beauty Vegas Titans #6 summary ´ 0 Harper SinclairI’m about to be ripped away from the love of my life a boy my family would never approve of our paths destined to never cross again He’s literally risked his life by even talking to me let alone all the other stuff I’ve let him do to me but he doesn’t understand that Now that summer’s over I have to go back to the closeted stuffy world I came from back to being an heiress and all the responsibility and expectations that come along with it I have to see him one time before we part ways forever just one last. Wowthis is the 8th book I have read in this seriesthey are so much like candyjust want to eat them up in one sittingI found this book to be a little tamer than some of the previous onesstill a good read but not as sexy or violent as others in the Vegas Titans SeriesA young girl meets the ONE during her summer at camp and is torn away from him violently by her own vicious brother HE is left almost dead and thinks she betrayed him Fast forward ten years later and they meet again under muddy circumstances and the uestion becomes whether what they had was just a silly summer fling or something that could be rekindled and I liked the storyline of this one well enough although there was virtually no sex until almost 70% into the bookmostly longing gazes some kissing and flirtation This book was all about the action and club rivals as they try to work together to take down a much larger and insidious group who deal with human trafficking and child abuseA lawyer princess and an alpha male biker leader work together to prove that opposites do attract and society differences don t always mean a thingHEA ending was a bit too fast and neatly wrapped up as well as the acceptance of an unlikely ally 4 smart girl meets beautiful man stars