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Eternal Promise Between Worlds #3

Free read Eternal Promise Between Worlds #3 107 Hocked when the investigation leads to the discovery of Satine Kallan’s evil half sister who plans on completely destroying the light faery wor. Great bookThis series just keeps getting better and better I loved this book And of course cliff hanger so I m reading the next right away But the series is great so that was always the plan La ciutat secreta del Toubkal (Gran angular) is great so that was always the plan

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Free read Eternal Promise Between Worlds #3 107 Rylie has chosen the dark faery prince Kallan and has been swept away by the faery world There’s much to being the Aurorian than she knew She c. 355 faery colored starsThis book wandered way above my expectations From the first two books I had expected it to be a uick book with no much development going on but I was totally wrong The story took on an exciting turn and the ending makes me want to pick up the seuel right now PLOT We are once again back into the faery realm with Rylie an Aurorian faery or speaking in clich s The Chosen One Rylie learns about her world what it means to be an Aurorian fae how important she is to their world and about the creatures that reside only here With Kallan by her side she goes on her uest to defeat the evil Satine and unite the light and dark faery worldTo say the world building was good would be an understatement About seventy five percent of the total world building and character development in the whole series takes place in this book which is what made it exciting The romance was not much drawn out and was perfectly handled My only misgivings are the kisses The lead couple kisses so damn many times It s embarrassing gross even I m sure Rylie s lips might look like this for real The climax was a bit abrupt though After all it took to get there it was disappointing I got the vibe that the authors aren t much into writing good action scenes or violence in general It kind of felt childish to me In fact the whole story when you think clearly about it is pointless and childish full of loopholes Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the book The scenic descriptions were amazing and so were the beautiful fae world Just the freaking turn the whole story took was impressive since I never really expected much In short if you ve come as far as the second book in this series please do pick this up soon It is way much better than the other two I can t wait to see what happens next Sayonara

characters ß eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Talia Jager

Free read Eternal Promise Between Worlds #3 107 Ontinues to learn about the faery world and her connection to it After several fey go missing the time comes for her to take her place Rylie is s. So bittersweetSo first off I m glad that rylie and Kallen are together they are so cute Ok so this book was amazing talia I loved the plot of this story pure gold Oh and Sierra and drake no words can describe them together but really talia come on this better have a happy ending Overall I ve absolutely loved the series so far and am super excited to see what s in store for rylie

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