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  • 06 March 2017
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Read ✓ The Novice A Story of True Love ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Fans of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Peace is Every Step and Anger and Deepak Chopra’s Buddha will appreciate Hanh’s wisdom and storytelling in his novel The Novice which contains universal themes that transcend all bou. I stumbled upon this book because I m planning a short story collection based on Vietnamese folk stories and renovated operas centered around women and wanted to see if anyone had written a story about uan Am Thi Kinh in English yet I was pleasantly surprised to find that one had been written by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh whose name is famous within the Buddhist community I ordered it immediately The volume is thin but packs a punch Anyone looking for a bit of spiritual wisdom will benefit greatly from reading this Having grown up around the Thi Kinh legend I didn t think this would be anything new On some levels it s not the story is well known and this version doesn t mess TOO much with the original material However Thich Nhat Hanh pays attention to all the minor characters that one doesn t really hear much about in most retellings and does so in a compassionate way that highlights their humanity In reading this one should keep in mind that the author is not a novelist and that the book s purpose is to convey Buddhist teachings to the reader There s a lot of explanation about the teachings of Buddha the writing style is pretty basic and it can be a tedious read for someone who reads a lot of good fiction You likely won t find anything very commendable about the prose itself it s the lessons one learns from the book that are important I definitely struggled to read through it because it was so preachy but I was glad I did read it Overall a good book to read if you re curious about Buddhism but can t stomach nonfiction I am not very religious but I felt significantly reverent after reading this book

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Read ✓ The Novice A Story of True Love ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ndaries of faith creed country and eraThrough the parable of a young woman who stays true to herself and her faith in the face of adversity Vietnamese Zen Buddhist master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh enables. I like the way the story of Kinh is told in a simple clear and charming style A child at any age as well as an adult can read or hear this story and enjoy it just as much Because I am an Easterner I can relate to that village girl Kinh and know how she exactly must have felt having to deal with frustrated hopes and aspirations and her only problem is that she is a girl in an Eastern society I like the spiritual nuggets spread here and there as I keep reading the story A story is meant to be a story not a religion lesson and indeed Thich does a marvelous job at that Only Th ch Nh t H nh has the amazing ability to teach you Buddhism through a story like this without letting you feel that you are being taught He is just having conversation and when he speaks he does indeed speak to your heartEven though the novice Kinh Tam is falsely accused and beaten to the point of bleeding he is able to maintain such carefree and tranuil composure What was his secret It is because he has learnt and is applying the practice of inclusiveness that he is able to avoid into falling into suffering and reproach Practicing magnanimity brings us away from the shore of sorrows and over to the shore of freedom and happiness Our goal is to be clear minded and those who are caught in cravings are no longer clear minded We have to magnanimously persevere and then our hearts and minds will be at peace See the collection on the Sixth Paramitas When we truly practice looking deeply then we have a chance to understand better and to be accepting Our hearts naturally open up becoming vast like the oceans and rivers In understanding the sorrows and difficulties of others we are able to accept and feel compassion for them even if they have caused us difficulties treated us unfairly brought disaster on us or unjustly harrassed us Am I like the Earth which uietly receives everything without feelings of pride grievance or being humiliated The Earth has the embracing capacity and has the ability to receive and transform whatever it takes in Is my heart mind boundlessly immense like water Do I have the ability to receive and transform all injustices and grievances

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Read ✓ The Novice A Story of True Love ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Readers to embark on their own path of introspection and self discoveryWith his trademark insight Hanh presents a path to greater awareness of the means to manifest peace both inside oneself and in the world at lar. Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the reviewers that this book s writing is somewhat off putting TNH is one of my favorite authors and I understand that this is meant as a Buddhist lesson But still I could never really get into the story because of the writing so I might not have learned the lesson as well as I was supposed to Not a bad book per se but I would basically recommend any other book by TNH rather than this one