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  • Hardcover
  • 152
  • A Murder of uality
  • John le Carré
  • English
  • 11 April 2017
  • 9780802714428

Summary A Murder of uality

A Murder of uality Read & Download ´ 104 A bloody and apparently senseless murder had been committed at Carne School one of the oldest and most glittering ornaments in the British public school system George Smiley whose connec. Le Carre s first book was not so much a spy novel as a detective story with spies in it and this second book is even less a spy novel it is a detective story with George Smiley in it But that does not prevent A Murder of uality 1962 from being a well written entertaining bookIn an introduction to a paperback edition issued almost thirty years after its original publication le Carre wrote that rereading the book now I find a flawed thriller redeemed by ferocious and uite funny social comment I think that is an accurate assessment Some of the social comment targets the non conformist Christian communities of the laboring class but the most ferocious and most amusing satire is reserved for the upper class English boarding school which the author pillories for its cruelty its insularity and its snobbishness Le Carre knows whereof he speaks for he atte

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A Murder of uality Read & Download ´ 104 Tions with Carne were complicated by sentiment had had a curious forewarning of the crime and in a private capacity pursued its investigation Without his espionage trained insight into t. Absolutely excellent My first meeting with George Smiley and certainly an error I will be correcting in the months to come A very interesting character The whole book was a condemnation of the British class system reinforced by the afterword by John Le Carre In it he admits that the kernels of this story are routed in his own experience of public school and conseuent post as a Junior master at Eton I recognise the dankness of those old stone walls that formed the limits of my childhood and left me for the rest of my life with an urge to fight off whatever threatened to enclose me

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A Murder of uality Read & Download ´ 104 He workings of the human mind Smiley might never have solved the case But logic and insight were hardly enough to spare him the emotional aftermath of a conclusion he did not want to fac. Reading John Le Carre s writing is like treating yourself to a fine wine It is not to be sped through or swigged His words and passages lend themselves to being slowly consumed and savored A Murder of uality was set in present day when it was published over 50 years ago Thus the sound of a milk truck chugging from house to house in the early morning hours with the milkman making his front porch deliveries is not out of place Elevator lifts still boast a uniformed elevator operator What floor please As an aside the price printed on the cover of my copy of this paperback book is fifty cents George Smiley ex British Secret Intelligence agent is asked by a longtime friend to look into a matter which turns into a murder most foul In this particular tale there is no espionage no spies nary a mole to be ferreted out It is a simple murder mystery told by the maste