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Review Û Breaking Character 100 Ust get her dream movie role life would be so much better The only problem is that the eccentric French film maker offering it insists on meeting her “girlfriend” Summer firstSummer Hayes is devastated when her co star shuns her for accidentally sparking rumors they’re lovers Now the so called British Bitch has the audacity to ask Summ. Breaking Character is a well written pleasant and satisfying romance hitting a lot of tropes in a uniue way I think romance fans will really enjoy this read with one caveatWhen it comes to lesfic a lot of fan favorites are age gaps ice ueens Hollywood fake relationships good communication and slow burn romances Winter provides all of these but with a spin For just a few examples an age gap of nine years is made greater by Summer being a former child star and looking another five years younger than her actual age Also the public persona of Elizabeth is that she s an ice ueen but she s actually not at all and merely an introvert Summer figures this out within the first few pages and Elizabeth is never actually an ice ueen to anyone I was very glad that the author didn t choose to make her pretend to be cold just to drag out the drama And usually Hollywood ff romances

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Review Û Breaking Character 100 Life has become a farcical mess for icy British A lister Elizabeth Thornton America’s most hated villain stars in a top rated TV medical drama that she hates Now she’s been romantically linked to her perky new co star Summer due to the young woman’s clumsiness As a closeted actress that’s the last thing Elizabeth needs If she could j. ARC Generously provided by Ylva Publishing in exchange for a honest review Don t be afraid to take risks or to put yourself on the pageWho you are is what will make both your writing and story specialDon t thinkThinking is the enemy of creativity For any reader who loves a good story or combine with a peek at some of the incredible experiences from a behind the scenes perspective and storyline tidbits that give a look into the filmmaking process BREAKING CHARACTER has lots of it From the fairy tale way that both leads Elizabeth Summer got their parts to the improbable scope of some soapbox project and the gradual way that both were taken with each other It s rare that an actress embodies even one memorable character over the arc of a career both Elizabeth Summer have managed to create two in this refreshingly written story And what also made their relationship f

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Review Û Breaking Character 100 Er to pretend to be her girlfriend to get her a role Elizabeth doesn’t even like Summer Oh how she’d love to tell her no And Summer definitely would if it wasn’t for the fact she’s maybe a tiny bit in love with the impossible womanA lesbian celebrity romance about gaining love losing masks and trying to stick to the script106000 word. 5 starsAbsolutely wonderful read in every sense Amazing characters lovely story great supporting cast All of that delivered through engaging and expertly written prose This book is definitely in my top 5 of near 300 books I ve read this year Do yourself a service and get the book right now Lesfic romance does not get any better than this

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