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  • Getting Sideways (Full Throttle)
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  • 10 June 2019
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Read ↠ Getting Sideways (Full Throttle) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Atus But thats the least of his worries considering he doesnt have his dads permission All he has to do is the impossible keep Race from discovering his lie until he can convince his dad that racings safeYeah sure Thatll be easyBook 2 in the Full Throttle Serie. Lisa you have done it again This book continues to bring true to life characters into your heart The personalities are realistic as Race struggles to deal with his accident and his surrounding family work with his behavior changes Cody grows up in front of our eyes and matures with his choices It is facinating how you weave all of the racing language into the conversations Such a warm and fast moving story Looking forward to the next great adventureA Racing family in Oregon

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Read ↠ Getting Sideways (Full Throttle) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Or the perfect girlfriend and counting the days until he gets his drivers license but theres no escaping the nightmares that haunt himA chance to build his own car seems like the perfect distraction Until Cody realizes hell have to live up to Races legendary st. This is the second in Lisa Nowak s Full Throttle series and is maybe even better than the first A real page turner with lots of action but still character driven You really care about Cody and his family and you want them to make it through the emotional knots they tie themselves intoThese books appeal to teens and younger as well as any age You don t have to know anything about stock car racing to enjoy and if you aren t careful you ll learn something about the sport I m a 70 yr old grandmother who knew nothing of the sport and I love this series And I ve learned a lot about racing

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Read ↠ Getting Sideways (Full Throttle) ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Getting shipped off to live with his uncle Race was the best thing that ever happened to fifteen year old Cody Then a wreck at the speedway nearly ruined everything Codys making every effort to get his life back on track writing for the school paper searching f. I enjoyed this book It is set in the late 80 s or early 90 s While targeted to a YA audience it is a good read dealing with the angst and problems of a 15 year old boy This book tells the story of a teen with a dysfunctional family who goes to live with his uncle and their relationship his maturing in a new environment I think the author does an excellent job of developing the story in a sensitive way I like to read YA as it keeps me in touch with what my young nieces and nephews are reading and their world Since I am a senior living in a senior complex and retired it would be all to easy to lose touch with the teen world