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His Darling Bride Echoes of the Heart #2 Free read Ô 109 Bethany Darling doesn’t kiss men at first sightuntil she falls into the arms of a handsome cowboy bartenderA mysterious stranger Mike helps scare off Bethany’s obnoxious ex boyfriend Mike’s touch feels like coming home But Bethany’s so not interested Between stalled out dreams of becoming a painter troubles reconne. 4 Running Away Leads to Home Stars Reading is such an education every time we open a book we immerse ourselves in worlds which have all sorts of obstacles to over come Yes when reading romance others who haven t will look at you as if these books have no real meritBut it is their loss for when I read all of the different authors with their uniue stories to tellI learn so muchWith this particular book by Anna DeStefano we are treated to two separate pictures of what family can mean How a place in a family can mean everything to a childand how it doesn t matter how the family came togetherit is how the love is given which will set the course of the lives it moldsAlthough this theme is not unusual the way Ms DeStefano presents other factors to draw the reader in is We are introduced to the importance of the arts in our lives How the ability to paint to see light and focus in photography the way art reaches out to a community and reflects its heartall of these things are tremendously important Art is a language which needs preserving and developing It is also a safe way for those who do not feel safe to communicate their fear their hopes and dreams Powerful StuffIn His Darling Bride all of this comes together We have Bethany Darling returning to her foster family s home after being away for years When she came to the Dixon family she had already learned many hard lessons for a 15 year old Her mom was always falling for the drifter thinking he was the onemost of the time they were just jerksbut as Bethany got older their interest in her became a reason for Bethany to move to her Grandma s Unfortunately Grandma was thrilled with the government financial windfall than the granddaughter It was the Grandmother s death which brought her to the Dixon home and their open armsThe Dixon s understood the issues children carried when they became part of the Foster System Not every place whether a natural blood family or previous foster one would have been all warm and fuzzy Marsha and Joe didn t care whatever the obstacles their home was a guilt free zone All of the kids would open up and become part of the family unit when they were readyEventually Bethany flourished Painting was something which was hers alone She could lose herself in it for hourstime meant something different to herit would stop and let her be free The paintings she did were a wonderher talent so real and easy to see The process was the best feeling she every haduntil she thought she loved anotherand he loved her backHigh school became wonderfulfull of painting winning awards and scholarships to Pratt The boy who was supposed to love her showed what he really wasand stole not only her heart but the feeling of belonging in this town she loved and with her familyShe felt the need to runto hide for it all hurt too muchBethany ran stopped painting all together and allowed herself to take up with men who would never be there for herUntil she finally came to terms this was not who she wanted to beShe finally realized she wanted to be back home with her familyeach and every one of them Bethany turned the corner and came back She started to paint again but something was offshe couldn t paint the same way she had before and she was scared She wasn t going to give up though she was going to conuer this one way or anotherThe good news was a art residency she won from an art co op She had to submit work and used her high school paintings The Board liked them and she was offered the chance to grow as an artist Bethany was on her way backMike Taylor is in Bethany s town for a specific project Mike gives himself the freedom to do a couple of these every year when he needs to regroup Mike may seem like a laid back sort of fella unassuming just a drifter passing throughbut that is not exactly who and what he isMike is tortured in his own way and it has caused him to move from place to place under the excuse of experiencing everything his brother would have wanted him toFor Jeremy never couldMike s older brother had severe Cystic Fibrosis and all the money his parents had all the privilege with any number of the specialists couldn t change the fact Jeremy was very sick Before things became unmanageable Jeremy was the cowboy of this fancy NYC family He was the adventurer with Mike being the kid with the camera capturing it all on film Then things changed became worse and Jeremy became hospital boundMike s parents became focused on finding a cureworking all of the angles they could to fund research In concept a wonderful strong way to cope in reality it became a commercial marketing ploy to have Jeremy used for fund raising His parents did not understand how to do both raise the funds purely wish for a cure and openly love their children with all their might Instead they became distant demanding and controlling Mike had Jeremy s blessing to runAt first it was going to all the places Jeremy had on his bucket list taking photos with something of Jeremy s just there in the corner He and his brother would love the photos talking about what Mike sawbeing Jeremy s eyes and legs These photos were professional uality Mike was talented and able to see the light as it would drift on a piece of rock practically caressing itAll of these private landscapes precious of the times with his brotherWith his brother passing Mike refused to stay in his home of NYC and with his parents His only real family tie now gone Mike starts his Odyssey of shooting the world with Jeremy in his heart He becomes one of the most sought after photographers and no one knows who he is Just his initials He takes all of the profits and opens art co ops around the country encouraging young artists like BethanySo here we have Mike free spirit artistic soul taking a timeout to do his special projects he allows himself to do for a break He is helping out at the town bar after over hearing the need of another pair of hands for the weekend Nothing to itjust a comfortable way to get to know the town something he has done many many times beforeBethany and her friends are at the bar relaxing and getting ready for the upcoming wedding of Dru one of her foster sisters This is a big deal as she is trying to paint something special for the couple and also her foster parents for their anniversary Everyone has been concerned as Joe had open heart surgery and hasn t been himself since He has been fighting physical therapy and he doesn t think he will be up to dancing the first dance with his girlBeing back has been stressful for Bethany her ex has been hounding her and she hasn t answered any calls or been in any place he could find her Except nowas he walks up to the barMike has been checking out Bethany from the moment she walked in short choppy hair with multi colored bangs a spark and freshness from everything she wears to how she carries herself Her conversation sharing all of the hopes and dreams she is fighting to get back by painting sounded familiar to his own way of handling thingsboth were runnersHe came up to stand close when the ex came up and started harassing Bethany As things escalate Bethany looks to Mike and asks if maybe he could sort of help out with the exMike is fine with protecting this womanand the ex starts up and grabs Bethany s arm Immediately Mike is there in the way and acting like the boyfriend you can t keep your hands off ofHe says a few things to make it seem they have been dating in Atlanta and with all of the tender looks and lustful sparksbefore anyone can say anythingMike and Bethany are kissingthe type of kissing which blocks out all sound people and thoughtwell only the thought of how to get closer to the person who has their hands wrapped around youThis kiss was like NOTHING either of them had experiencedit was personal intense but caring safe and concerned for her and soft womanly and feisty for himAnd for the both of themsomething that scared the shit out of them but also addicted them to wanting They break apart when a couple of Bethany s big brothers walk into the bar and yell at what the hell is going onThings get hot between all of the playersthe ex drunk and talking smack about Bethany the brothers and Mike going after himand the observers of the small town taking it all inThe outcome the town brothers and sisters parents and friends have decided Bethany and Mike are an itemBethany is determined to stop this line of gossip and Mike is kinda interested in getting to know this firecrackerAdd additional complications of Mike s involvment with the art co op Bethany s dad and Mike s parents causing all types of trouble and you have a terrific readThis is a story which touches on confronting your fears all types career personal and relationshipswe can all be our own worst enemies It is very common to fear failurebut even common but not realized is the fear of successfor if you actually achieve what you have been trying to accomplish then whatThe other meaningful part of this story is how the art community provides so much to a town it can allow those who cannot talk about what is bothering them to communicate it another way alerting those who need to know and intervene This was a sweet surprise a new author for me and enjoyable read This is part of a series however I never felt lost in the reading A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

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His Darling Bride Echoes of the Heart #2 Free read Ô 109 Cting with her sprawling foster family and the happy chaos of her sister’s upcoming wedding Bethany’s already in over her head But each time she and Mike stumble across each other in small town Chandlervillesparks flyA famous photographer hiding under a Stetson Mike Taylor recognizes Bethany as a kindred artistic spiri. First let me say I got this book in exchange for an honest reviewNow let me say this is part of a series however I have not read the previous titles and did NOT feel lost I do plan now to go back and read the previous titles I can t wait to see from this town and these charactersHIS DARLING BRIDE is the story of Bethany Bethie and Mike Both Mike and Bethany have their baggage and their struggle with accepting and giving love The giving is easier than the accepting I loved watching these two find their way I will say I worried there for them but kept turning pages just knowing the author Anna DeStefano had to give me a HEA Fans of great writing with characters that are realistic well developed and engaging will find HIS DARLING BRIDE a wonderful addition to their bookshelf Be warned this one is hard to put down you just want to know what s going to happen I do hope we see these characters again as I want to see them in the future Fans of this series Echoes of the Heart are going to love this one There are some laugh out loud moments some sigh worthy moments and some moments that will make you thinkwonderand maybe want to help I loved that I became part of the story not just a reader I can t wait to see what s next and go back and read the previous titles This is one that will end up on your Keeper Shelf

Free download Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub æ Anna DeStefano

His Darling Bride Echoes of the Heart #2 Free read Ô 109 T Together they rekindle her passion for painting and she inspires him in unexpected undeniable ways Then when Mike’s own past threatens to tear apart his present Bethany becomes his safe place to turnCan these two wandering souls finally trust their hearts Or will they run from the forever love they never expected to fi. His Darling Bride takes us back to Chandlerville Georgia Bethany Darling is back trying to find her way back into the family Along comes Mike Taylor to the rescue Two drifters lost trying to find their way and alike in so many ways Bethany paints pictures Mike takes pictures together they make beautiful pictures if only they can find their way together It was great connecting back with Joe Marsha and the other family members

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