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Peter Hopkirk ✓ 7 Review Characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Peter Hopkirk Read & download The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia When play first began the two rival empires lay nearly 2000 miles apart By the end some Russian outposts were within 20 miles of Indi. This is narrative history that can keep one enthralled from the first to the last page Cliches such as page turner apply No doubt the game itself can be discussed further new books published etc etc but who cares Hopkirk has written a book that had me looking at the maps researching the characters marking the bibliography for further literature to read What can one want A wonderful book

Characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Peter HopkirkThe Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia

Peter Hopkirk ✓ 7 Review Characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Peter Hopkirk Read & download The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia For nearly a century the two most powerful nations on earth Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia fought a secret war in the lonely pas. Peter Hopkirk s book The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia is a great historical account and a very enjoyable book to read It is very rare nowadays to find a book that holds your attention throughout without finding one boring section this is one of those books In over 560 pages paperback edition Peter Hopkirk tells the amazing stories of a number of early British and Russian officers and men involved in the great imperial struggle for supremacy in Central AsiaI found myself reading late into the morning at times I couldn t put the book down Most of the time I had heard of the places and people involved but a lot of this story was new to me The narrative read like a novel gripping but informative never boring and full of information breathing life into history in a way that is hard to find now a days This is a great book and I fully agree with the uote on the front cover of the book by Jan Morris Peter Hopkirk is truly the laureate of the Great Game If you ever wanted to learn something about this large and remote area then this is the book to start with If you enjoy military history then this book has it if you enjoy historical accounts of exploration then this book has it if you just enjoy good history then this book has it allThe story of Britain and Russia carving out their Empires in India Afghanistan and the surrounding areas is truly fascinating and I was amazed at the brave and resourceful men who carved their name in history during this period Most people have heard of the Khyber Pass and places like Chitral however I had never heard of the Pamirs and Karakorams mountain ranges or of the Kerman and Helmund deserts nor of some of the fierce and warlike tribes that lived in these areas After reading this book I yearn for information about this region and I intend to buy the rest of Peter Hopkirk s books I would rate this book one of the better ones I have read covering this subject period

Peter Hopkirk ✓ 7 Review

Peter Hopkirk ✓ 7 Review Characters Þ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Peter Hopkirk Read & download The Great Game The Struggle for Empire in Central Asia Ses and deserts of Central Asia Those engaged in this shadowy struggle called it The Great Game a phrase immortalized in Kipling's Kim. Written in a style that is eminently appropriate for this story The Great Game is a good introductory book for understanding the struggle between Britain and Russia over Central Asia in the 19th C If you love Kim by Rudyard Kipling you will slobber over every page in this book And I have grown to LOVE Kim Took me a few decades but it s the shit Especially if you read it in a Comp Lit class analyzing the colonial discourse and the unforgivable cries of colonialism If that s you give Kim a chance Written by someone who grew up in Anglo India I think you ll find it extraordinarily insightful despite the presence of the ponderous and stylistically stilted British Empire But back to the style of the Great Game Peter Hopkirk is a very masterful writer for sure but for this story he manages to write the history in the totally anachronistic rip roarin style that you find in colonial adventure stories late Victorian colonial adventure Basically it s fun to read in the way that Gunga Din is fun to watch Plus it incorporates classic spy novel style as wellThe history he s trying to relate is in no way compromised by this writing style In fact by using this style he takes an important tack that makes the book really sing By using that Victorian colonial adventure style he gets you in the heads of the Brits and Russinas who were in that day reading all of this rip and run super adventure stuff It s really hard to understand the mentality of British soldiers in the late 19th Century or even in WWI without recognizing that all of those guys grew up reading colonial adventure stories which were very much like the Wild West novels of that day Think mid 40sWB cartoons if you re an American of a certain age They re so out of style now that it s hard for me to provide an example I keep thinking Karl May who was a German writer who wrote all kinds of thrilling Indian Jones type adventures set in locales that were exotic to a European the American Wild West India Africa Arabia cf Lawrence he read them too China and Central Asia Anyway I admire the ability of an author to pull the reader back in to the minds of their protagonists and their contemporaries Plus this style makes the book read like a cheap titillating novel This is one fast read considering the breadth of the workA bit about the content of the book might be useful after all of my bombination on style The Great Game relates the history of the struggle between the British Empire and the Russian Empire over the strongholds of Central Asia Basically this was an imperialist struggle It wasn t a race for oil yet The Brits had a ton of colonies the jewel of which was the Raj As the Russians made attempts to grab parts of Central Asia the Brits freaked out over the safety of their sacred cow and engaged in a very entertaining deadly and technical spy game with the Russians to infiltrate and map these unknown regions and try to ingratiate themselves with the local leaders Hopkirk describes this struggle from its nascence in Alexander I s triumph over Napoleon to the decline of Russia after the Russo Japanese War While Russia was intent on expanding its empire into Central Asia Britain was trying very hard to keep India British so they were on full alert to any Russian incursions into Central Asia And they were keeping a third eye out for any kingdoms they could snatch up with promises of Victorian infrastructural progress You ll enjoy visualizing manifestations of Victorian progress the steam train the telegraph perhaps the Enfield Gun when you re reading of the fate of Arthur Conolly repeatedly peripatetically successful in all exploration and espionage sorties a BIG PLAYA in the Game when he wears out the welcome of the Emir of Bukhara or was it ueen Victoria who wore out his welcomeConolly and Stoddart whose plight had been all but forgotten in the wake of the Kabul catastrophe were he reported both dead It had happened he said back in June when Britain s reputation as a power to be feared in Central Asia was at rock bottom Furious at receiving no reply to his personal letter to ueen Victoria and no longer worried by any fear of retribution the Emir of Bokhara had ordered the two Englishmen then enjoying a brief spell of freedom to be seized and thrown back in prison A few days later they had been taken from there with their hands bound and led into the great suare before the Ark or citadel where stood the Emir s palace What followed next the Persian swore he had learned from the Executioner s own lips First while a silent crowd looked on the two British officers were made to dig their own graves Then they were ordered to kneel down and prepare for death Colonel Stoddart after loudly denouncing the tyranny of the Emir was the first to be beheaded Next the executioner turned to Conolly and informed him that the Emir had offered to spare his life if he would renounce Christianity and embrace Islam Aware that Stoddart s forcible conversion had not saved him from imprisonment and death Conolly a devout Christian replied Colonel Stoddart has been a Musselman for three years and you have killed him I will not become one and I am ready to die He then stretched out his neck for the executioner and a moment later his head rolled in the dust with that of his friendThe battle over Central Asia was fought primarily through spies And this is what makes it even thrilling All of this conflict was conducted by artists and inventors and intellectuals and con men far below the radar of the diplomats and politicians The men in charge were explorers spy masters and spies who had an incredible wealth of means before them They were map makers again cf Lawrence surveyors costume artists cross dressers hucksters and linguists Sometimes magicians witches and jewel connoisseurs and libertinesAlso super relevant for our time with the silent struggle for oil in Central Asia Every now and again one comes across an article about Central Asia but the coverage is hardly in proportion to the intensity of business political criminal and petro economical activity in that region There s a lot of unknown knowledge in this area and it s pretty fun to read about it before it s been totally containerizedHighly recommended for people who are trying to figure out why and how the US is in Afghanistan the whyhow of the Soviet invasion in 1980 the upcoming Great Game in Ira Afghanistan Georgia Turkistan Uzbekistan

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