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READ & DOWNLOAD The Sword of Honour Trilogy Evelyn Waugh ✓ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Evelyn Waugh Igures so familiar from Waugh's early satires The deepest pleasures these novels afford come from observing a great satiric writer employ his gifts with extraordinary subtlety delicacy and human feeling for purposes that are ultimately anything but satir. In my opinion the masterwork of 20th century English fiction Brideshead lent itself to million dollar TV adaptation but the books Men At Arms Officers And Gentlemen and Unconditional Surrender are almost too good for TV or screen There was a fine and now lost TV version in the 60s with Edward Woodward as Crouchback and host of character actors including Ronald Fraser as Apthorpe playing the supporting parts and an all too brief 2001 version for TV with Daniel craig as Crouchback The nuances the subtleties the acute observations of English social niceties and the bitterness that unites and divides us are almost impossible to portray on screen In terms of characterisation Crouchback is almost but not uite a non entity He bestrides the novel almost as a catalyst for all the other characters to react to The novel is genuinely funny but the humour is usually the humour of cruelty If you have tears to shed shed them now the death of Apthorpe is heartbreaking There is real warmth the great recurring shape of Colonel Jumbo Trotter lumbers through the novel popping up now and again like a lost but welcome friend There is political intrigue religious bigotry heroism deception cynicism on an almost industrial scale but it remains right at the top of my never be seaparated from list

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Sword of Honour Trilogy Evelyn Waugh ✓ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Evelyn Waugh This trilogy spanning World War II based in part on Evelyn Waugh's own experiences as an army officer is the author's surpassing achievement as a novelist Its central character is Guy Crouchback head of an ancient but decayed Catholic family who at first. Many literary careers are doomed to go on slightly longer than they should and to outlive the author s original engrossing talentSo concludes Christopher Hitchens in a 2003 Atlantic article Evelyn Waugh The Permanent Adolescent reprinted in his collection of essays Arguably Actually the sentence is the first of his concluding paragraph which goes onWaugh himself lived to lament the Second Vatican Council and to deplore the abolition of the Latin Mass which meant that he became not Catholic than the Pope but curmudgeonly than his own confessors and conservative than the Church itself This has the accidentally beautiful result of making Sword of Honour into a literary memorial not just for a lost world but for a lost faith In Catholic doctrine one is supposed to hate the sin and love the sinner This can be a distinction without a difference if the sin is to be something a Jew a homosexual even a divorcee rather than to do something Non Christian charity reuires however that one forgive Waugh precisely because it was his innate as well as his adopted vices that made him a king of comedy and of tragedy for almost three decadesHitchens lays the ground for this conclusion by pointing out that Guy Crouchback the protagonist of the trilogy has to be taken as a stand in for Waugh himself since he s given the same day month and year of birth as was the author s And he expresses views about things that happened in the areas of Europe to which Waugh was posted during WW II that when I read the book I assumed to be ironic in the extreme but perhaps actually reflected the author s own thinking For example Hitchens uotes from Waugh s private journal The Russians now propose a partition of East Prussia It is a fact that now the Germans represent Europe against the world and continues The long and didactic closing stages of Sword of Honour are amazingly blatant in the utterance they give to this rather unutterable thought Guy Crouchback regards the Yugoslav partisans as mere ciphers for Stalin sympathizes with the local Fascists and admires the discipline of the German occupiers We know from many published memoirs that Waugh himself was eventually removed from this theater of operations for precisely that sort of insubordinationnevertheless to segue into my original thoughts on the trilogyI enjoyed the novels tremendously Many laugh out loud moments but there s a serious story here too and yes it is somewhat somber as it says on the dust jacket Very unusually for me once I started reading the trilogy I read nothing else until finishing the whole thing 700 pages later I have the Everyman s Library edition which is a really first class book I read the introduction by Frank Kermode after the novels found it very interesting It s largely about the Catholic aristocracy of which Waugh was a converted member There s a real nice one page bibliography of books about Waugh and a very cool Chronology 14 pages long of the events in Waugh s life which places them in two different contexts Literary and Historical EventsJust writing this short review less than three years after reading the book makes me want to read them again I guess that s a good recommendationit would be hard to reread without taking Hitchens thoughts into account however Previous review The ConuestNext review Cinderella Man the story of the boxer James BraddockNewer review Down on the Farm gentle humor from the Minnesota northwestPrevious library review The Hobbit There and Back Again TolkienNext library review The Once and Future King TH White

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READ & DOWNLOAD The Sword of Honour Trilogy Evelyn Waugh ✓ 0 FREE READ SUMMARY Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Evelyn Waugh Discovers new purpose in the challenge to defend Christian values against Nazi barbarism but then gradually finds the complexities and cruelties of war overwhelming Though often somber Sword of Honor is also a brilliant comedy peopled by the fantastic f. Men at Arms Part 1 of Sword of HonourWhat fun a bit like a cross between MASH PG Wodehouse and BridesheadAn upper class British Catholic divorc leaves his home in Italy at the start of WW2 to try to join the army and eventually succeedsThe story is populated by uirky characters and strange coincidences with glimpses of poignancy Most of the characters are in a perpetual state of genial incomprehension and incompetenceWaugh served in WW2 and if his experience was anything like what was described it s amazing that we won However there are clearly some parallels as the book is peppered with mentions of specific dates and events helpfully explained in footnotes in my editionApthorpe s too literal thunderbox the old colonel that should have retired but no one uite wants to tell him he s not needed any bizarre and nonsensical bureaucracy all beautifully writtenAnd best of all there are two seuels let s hope they re as goodOfficers and Gentlemen Part 2 of Sword of HonourIn many ways this is very similar to the previous book about Guy Crouchback of the Halberdiers soldiers being resigned to the comic ineptitude of their commanders and all sorts of intriguing characters However this volume has about the tactics and experience of war so that I did slightly lose track in places despite all the historical footnotes and less outright comedy less of life back home less Catholic angst less Catholicism altogether etc The loucheness in Alexandria was good and accidental heroics of view spoilerblowing up a railway in occupied France because they failed to find the Channel Island they were looking for hide spoiler

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