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Evolution free read ✓ 6 Lane Diamond ï 6 summary review Evolution From the first ever Short Story Contest hosted by Evolved Publishing 10 great stories from 10 terrific authors DRM FreeAn eclectic mix that will excite interest and intrigue from the first story to the last Laugh a little cry a little think a littleMany genres ma. So far the first story was very well written A brief glimpse into a girl s life as she deals with the hopelessness of her cancer prognosis and yet the ending was inspiring The second story The Last Earthling was a difficult read for me because of the setting conflicting with my belief system However you have to give credit to the story living on in my mind s spare moments for than a week later However the story was well written with empathetic characters in a creative world so I kept reading The ending had the type of surprise you hope for in good fiction and is left open for your interpretation I spoke with the author DT Conklin and he mentioned how this story highlights how important forgiveness is to him In that we both agree and this story is highly recommended because of the type of discussion it evokes Read it and tell DT I sent you The third story Timothy is fantastic I love the concept of a man who doesn t age and who decides one day to bring the sand jar that keeps him alive outside and risk dying Emotional and satisfying Lane s story the fifth in the anthology is a complex picture in prose of a man s dependency on a woman The twist surprised me but I m not really sure what I m supposed to take from this story I can t really get into it without spoiling the twist thoughJeff Burton s story A Building This Size is a mystery built on clever dialogue that emphasizes the power and motive behind what isn t said I really enjoyed this one as well There is definite reread value on this oneCourage through Fear by Ruby Standing Deer This story caught me off guard with fear and concern for the main character This 21 year old girl grifting cross country with alcoholic husband finds out too late the cost of their freedom Emotional attachment and the temptations for survival prevent her from escaping just as they would anyone else in her situation This is a story that will keep your firm attention till the end There is a brief content warning though I won t say what to keep the surprise Ruby has a book out with Evolved Publishing called Circles In her bio she says Life presents us a path how we choose to navigate that circle is up to us I would say this philosophy is part of what nailed me into the hero s uest in Courage through Fear I was captured by her dilemma and cared deeply for her to find her way to safety I imagine her novel Circles will evoke the same sense of connection with the main character s uest Overall I rated this anthology as a 38 but will round up to give it 4 stars because I really enjoyed reading it There are three five star stories in here Timothy A Building This Size and Courage through Fear The rest are good stories and with this variety I imagine you might find five stars than I did

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Evolution free read ✓ 6 Lane Diamond ï 6 summary review Evolution Ny voices one goal Provide the reader with a fun journey through the short fiction formatEdited and polished to a fine sheenGRAND PRIZE WINNER If I should Die by Amanda PapenfusFULL STORY LISTIf I Should Die by Amanda PapenfusThe Last Earthling by DT ConklinTimot. I am one of the authors in this anthology and my story If I Should Die is the first of the book This is a well put together anthology with some great writers and I m happy to have my work included among them My favorite stories included Timothy by Anjuli Bowen A Building This Size by Jeffrey B Burton Imagination by Stephen Patrick and Courage through Fear by Ruby Standing Deer

free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ï Lane Diamond

Evolution free read ✓ 6 Lane Diamond ï 6 summary review Evolution Hy by Anjuli BowenGrain Neutral Spirits by A Frank BowerOne Last Thought by Lane DiamondA Building This Size by Jeffrey B BurtonSirius Issues by Ariyana SpencerImagination by Stephen PatrickCourage through Fear by Ruby Standing DeerA Boy and His Monster by Matt M. Evolved Street Team Rocks 3

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