• Paperback
  • 329
  • Fiction Writer's Workshop
  • Josip Novakovich
  • English
  • 23 January 2017
  • 9781582975368
Fiction Writer's Workshop

Summary  Fiction Writer's Workshop Struct you at every step of the creative process Self critiue uestions to help you assess your work and identify strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the next lesson The full text of eight acclaimed short stories with analysis and exercises to provide models for your own writing and help reinforce the lessons you've learnedThe practical insightful methods offered in this workshop will clarify your voice broaden your perspective and strengthen your ficti A great source for fiction writers although it falls short in some areas Each section begins with a lecture of some sort with examples and thoughts then numerous assignmentsIt s divided into Sources of Fiction Setting Character Plot Point of View Dialogue and Scenes Beginnings and Endings Description and Word Choice Voice then RevisionThe chapter on gathering story ideas is pretty generic but useful in a broad way He lists some general things to trigger your thinking like childhood friends stories you hear but that s as far as it goesSetting is divided into many sections all useful very informative alive with detail If you had a problem with setting before this is up your alleyThe character section discusses round characters their mannerisms appearance etc It has useful comments but again is all generalPlot is a great chapter he discusses character conflict plots non confrontational plots and combinations

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Summary  Fiction Writer's Workshop SIn this comprehensive guide award winning writer and teacher Josip Novakovich explores every aspect of the art of fiction and provides all the tools and techniues you'll need to develop day to day discipline as well as a personal writing style such as More than 100 writing exercises including dozens that are new to this edition that challenge you to experiment with diverse writing styles Specific statements of purpose for each exercise to help guide you and in There s a familiarity that comes from reading a lot of writing books and certainly Novakovich s book spends time on things you ll have read elsewhere But it s good to be reminded of these lessons and they come with some excellent practice exercises His breakdown of subjects like forms of humour also gave me some interesting new food for thought

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Summary  Fiction Writer's Workshop Master the Elements of the Writing WorkshopThe great paradox of the writing life is that to be a good writer you must be both interested in the world around you and comfortable working in solitude for hours on end Fiction Writer's Workshop Second Edition is designed to help you foster a strong sense of independence of being and thinking on your own of becoming self evaluative without being self critical in order to accomplish what others seek in classroom group If you re looking for a writing book where an author riffs on writing for a while looks elsewhere It reads casual than a textbook would but Fiction Writer s Workshop demands a lot of work out of the reader If you re not willing to go through it performing most of the exercises you re not going to get the most out of it Granted I ve yet to redo the whole book doing all the exercises but as far as I ve gotten I ve consistently found stories that I didn t know I had in me The author takes the approach of throwing as many techniues your way as possible and then asking you to experiment with them You ll embrace some and loathe others and in the process you ll find out about yourself as a writer and end up with a few pieces that you ll definitely want to work on some FWW probably has value if you re a beginner with the dedication to write everyday and learn the craft or an aspiring writer who s had trouble a