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Fox Run Author Robin Roseau Read & download Ù 2 Review Fox Run Author Robin Roseau Olf comes knocking on a tiny delicate foxes' front door Michaela knows talking is the last thing in the wolfy mindThis novel is 93000 words and is the first in in The Madison Wolves Series. I have to start by saying that I m incredibly frustrated with this seriesGeneral but no specific spoilers I ve read up to the 14th book at this point so this is about the series not necessarily this book in particularI really want to like it and there are aspects of the story that I thoroughly enjoy I find the mythology to be interesting and the overall storyline to be compelling My problem is the characters themselves They are often one dimensional and there is virtually no growth throughout the series Add to that the fact that their behaviour can often times be erratic or straight up out of character The most troubling thing by far however is the deeply abusive relationship that is central to the story namely that between Lara and Michaela although there are other terrible relationship dynamics to be found here theirs is by far the worstThe Alpha of a werewolf pack falls in love with a fierce and independent werefox Interesting dynamic The werewolf then spends the next several years of their relationship using emotional psychological and physical bullying as well as her authority as a pack leader to strip her partner of everything that makes her fierce and independent Through broken bones incarceration horribly manipulative behaviour and a variety of other methods the alpha takes the fox s home her job her choices and her freedom And the fox is uick to be convinced that it was all for her own good forgive and have make up sex every time If this is supposed to be romantic then i am truly concerned for the author and anyone who buys into it This entire series reads like a manual for domestic abuse I m serious The author seems to have some notion that this behaviour can be likened to a Ds relationship Absolutely notRelationship dynamics aside I also have a comment on the various sex scenes that appear in the books As a lesbian reading lesbian sex scenes I have to say i feel zero interest when I hit them in this series whereas I m normally uite interested I m left to wonder if the author has ever actually had lesbian sex or at least consulted a sexually active lesbianbi woman in the editing process I m a completist Once i start a book or series I m compelled to finish it That definitely became a problem here There are many times that i became so deeply frustrated with this series that i wished i could put it down Despite the decent storyline and mythology I would never pick up another bookseries by this author Domestic abuse simply isn t sexy or something i want to read about

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Fox Run Author Robin Roseau Read & download Ù 2 Review Fox Run Author Robin Roseau Michaela Redfur is a were fox living a uiet life in Bayfield Wisconsin She has a uiet job that gets her out of doors and avoids the werewolves as if her life depended on it Which it doesTh. The title should be Lesbians Guide to domestic abuse I would recommend a trigger warning The main character is abused by her girlfriend constantly forced to do what she wants because she has greater physical strength isolated and when she is finally treated in such a way that would have made me instantly think this is a book about empowerment and leaving your abuser Lara apologizes and all is forgiven So if the author was intending to write about domestic abuse it was wonderfully done But it s portrayed as romantic here This book also had all the parts of Twilight I hated Yes she s a fox and she stands up for herself as best as she can but the relationship even without the abuse is inappropriate because it s clear that they aren t peers It seems like it was written by a man who thinks that women get high off the sent of dominance and can t do anything for themselves Even when she does take care of herself it s viewed as a patronizing pat on the head wow isn t she so cleverI gave this a 2 instead of a 1 because if you removed all that there are interesting plot points and some of the writing is pretty clever in certain partsLara is also a terrible Alpha Just a terrible leader overall Hers and michaela s characters are stagnant and no matter what happens Lara never grows or changes She is petty throws her weight around and gives orders and commands to her pack just because she can Just because your pack has to listen to you when you say do this now because I said so does that mean you have the right to That in my eyes makes a terrible leader She s just power tripping I was rooting for the villain in this not because Lara is a woman but because she is an awful leader

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Fox Run Author Robin Roseau Read & download Ù 2 Review Fox Run Author Robin Roseau At all changes early one morning when Lara Burns the Madison Wolves alpha introduces herself much to Michaela's chagrin Lara explains to Michaela that we only want to talk but when a werew. meh shrug It was ok if you like your Les Lit to be completely stereotypical Knowing now that it was written by a man pretty much explains it not that I take issue with a man writing Les Lit just the bad stereotype variety One side of the relationship is a super butch muscular alpha personality and the other is a small delicate and hyper feminine All you have to do is change the masculine alpha wolf s descriptions from her to his she to he and well you ve got a pretty stock standard supernatural love story You can find them anywhere There s far better stories out there you can just change some he to she with and get better LGBT