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Download God on the Rocks ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Se of new love Madeira's raw and tender stories illustrate the journey we all share along with wise reflections to get through it Roaming from his evangelical roots to discover a successful career in Americana music Madeira boils away the detritus of religion to discover a faith on the rocks sometimes leaving him stranded on the rocky shore sometimes savored like a smooth drink. Very easy to read and non preachy religion This guy is v talented as a writer and I plan to add my fave parts in later stay tuned

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Download God on the Rocks ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Musician and songwriter Phil Madeira turns his talent for evocative lyricism from the stage to the page as he invites us to wander with him on his relentless search for God From a joke involving a glass eye in a family that doesn't always see eye to eye a judgmental Grandmonster who makes an almost redeeming connection in her final moments or a crumbling marriage and the surpri. It s tough to review this objectively because the author is my uncle It was fascinating to read his stories some of which were very familiar to me others which I had never heard The book definitely shed light on him as a person beyond my musician uncle and helps me understand and love him even Love ya UP

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Download God on the Rocks ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB On a summer's day but always leading to a God not worrying about changing or chastising his broken children but singing in a low guttural hum forged in the heat of his passion for humans a God almighty love song Just like a sweet old hymn can rekindle even a doubting cynic's longing for God Madeira's beckoning voice can turn a wandering heart toward home with laughter and hope. I love his transparency and the uality of his writing He invites the reader into his life journey and takes you fully into the good and bad times He does not come to a neat conclusion and tie up lose ends He reflects real life Throughout there is a thread of faith that is sometimes vibrant and sometimes bare embers I found his thinking challenging and insightful His descriptive ability is truly outstanding As someone who grew up in RI I was amazed at his ability to clearly articulate things that for me were only subliminal A great read