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characters â How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book 107 Than when he went in Demands from his wife and zero prospects of a decent job are making it impossible for him to even think of having a normal lifeuntil he's hustling two gay men in a bar one afternoon and mentions his experiences in prison which included forcing straight cons to get off as he raped them A very satisfying method of revenge It seems the two men Wayne and Lenny want. Hmmmm so wrong so so wrong yet i kept reading it

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characters â How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book 107 Some revenge of their own against a straight guy who's caused them trouble If Curt can get the bastard off while being assaulted they'll give him a car cash and a chance at a new life Being in the mood to do some damage Curt agreesbut step by step a stupid little bet begins to spin out of control and threatens to plunge him headlong into disaster And he's not sure he wants to stop i. 45 starsThis story resonates with me as I read it during a breaking story in real life in the news about a young North Korean man who miraculously escaped from a prison camp in that country His story is that he was born into slavery in the camp and knew no difference knew nothing of love or compassion or basic humanity We are left with a feeling of his being lost in the world with no solid anchor It is a story that I won t soon forget that such a place could exist in this worldBut such a place can always exist in our minds Curt is born into a life of poverty neglect and abuse How can he hope to climb out of that Do we make our own destinies or are they preordained by our beginnings Are some of us less hardwired to our humanity than others Nature vs nurture that is an age old uestion The title of this work will put many off and that is a shame because it inadvertently diminishes the content Add to that that this is not a romance nor is it erotica It is a close look at the psychology of a criminal who thinks he s just like you and me and there s the rub He doesn t seem to have the capacity to see his way out of the mire it s all he knows Just when Curt seems to get a glimmer feel a flutter of a reality check his anger and self loathing sucks him right down again Harkening to the title Curt sees himself as straight and given what he does to prove himself he is very conflicted about that too From petty crime to felony Curt continues a spiraling fall into the abyss We bear witness and ache for him to see the light This is a truthful raw look from the inside of someone who can t subjugate himself to the choice between right and wrong someone who has a great capacity for numbing himself to feeling and reflection and the acceptance of who he is We all seek control in our lives in varying ways Curt s balm is to control others physically to inflict on them the pain he has sufferedDespite the title this is excellent work Not an easy read not for everyone but compelling just the same

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characters â How To Rape A Straight Guy Boner Book 107 There's than one way to rape a straight guy and Curt's been through them all Now he's out to do some damage Curt has been beaten betrayed and brutalized by nearly everybody he's known Even his mother once a prostitute but now married and born again has banned him from contact with his younger brother and sisters Then he went through six years in prison and came out ten times harder. WARNING The title of this book is not a joke Very dark raw read This book explores a rapist s life and thought patterns through a period during and after he was released from prison After his release he makes friends with two men that are even sicker than he is and engages in a bet with these two creeps It also shows what this convict thought about and what he did to other prisoners and a guard before he was released When he meets up with these two men on the outside they dupe him into believing they are nothing than just two older gay guys having to pay for sex He boasts how he s able to make straight men have an orgasm even though he s raping them They place a bet and decide to go after a cop that harassed them and video tape it to get back at this cop That s about all I m going to give away here This goes into the dark recesses of his mind and why he rapes You won t be able to put this book down once you start it You want to read it with one hand over your eyes and peeking through your fingers This book is the top of my STANDARD for dark erotic thrillers If they don t measure up to this they don t get five stars I ve read four or five of Kyle Sullivan s books and they are all well worth reading He is a very gifted talented dark writer His mind must be as twisted as mine except he has a brilliance I don t posses NOTE Due to all of the skuttle butt about rape contained in fiction I have decided to voice my own personal opinion FirstI DO NOT BELIEVE IN BANNING BOOKS OF ANY KIND Second I believe Mr Sullivan left the name of the book as is so the reader is warned before buying and reading the book I m sure it would have been a lot easier on him and he would have sold many books and not been banned time after time if he had changed the name of the book Rape whether it s of a male or a female is a sad violent act It is NOT glorified in this book It is simply the inner thoughts and actions of a sick man committing horrible acts This is not a love story nor is anything he is doing condoned I really get pissed off when people say What if the name of the book was How To Rape A Woman I hate to tell you but the act of rape of a woman is no vile and de humanizing than the rape of a man To say any different is bigoted and small minded I ll go one further I have read a book called Break Her wherein after reading it I decided there is a LOT that is painful than rape A lot of our reaction to the act and word is taught to as being the absolute worst thing that can ever happen to a person But is it really So if you don t want to read about the thoughts and inner turmoil of a mentally ill sick individual that engages in rape acts don t buy the book But commenting on something you have not read it ridiculous and just shows you are uninformed JMHO ALSO Mr Sullivan has re released his books as self published Here are the links to find them

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