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In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence review ↠ 109 Ooks like in situations where kinship care legal adoption uality foster care or reunification with biological family is not possible feasible or likely to occurAs you read this book you will be invited to learn from others seeking best practice orphan care engage in the conversation and advocate for orphans around the world and in your own backyar. Whether you are already involved in orphan care or are asking yourself why should I care this book is a must read In the pages you will see the heart God has for vulnerable children and His calling on us as His adopted children to have that same heart It will challenge you to not settle for just good enough but to seek out excellence in loving and caring for orphans around the world and to work together as a community We all have a place in this community and the book has very practical information to start you on your journey Read the book Join the discussion Have your passion for excellence in orphan care ignited or rekindled

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In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence review ↠ 109 How can we love with excellence the millions of orphaned andvulnerable children in our world who have lost their parents have no relatives to love them well and likely will not be adoptedIn Pursuit of Orphan Excellence frames a conversation around this uestion through a collaborative effort involving fifteen authors from orphan care organizations. Great book and an important read as the church surveys and addresses the global orphan crisis I appreciate how comprehensive this book was in scope they leave no stone unturned as the aim is for holistic orphan care I really like the underlying premise of the book that when we discuss orphans we have to maintain the approach that these are our kids we re talking about The story that they opened with about the group that toured the orphanage in Latin America has stuck with me That story really pinpoints what our attitude and our mindset should be when we decide to involve ourselves in caring for orphans My only thing with this book is something that I experience with a lot of books that are written my many co authors as this one is set up with each topic being handled by someone else When the voice is constantly changing and some writers are better than others or are handle a interesting topic I find myself struggling to get through particular chapters That s not a knock on any one contributor but just an overall preference of my own Overall this is a good book and one that is important in the realm of Christian orphan care

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In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence review ↠ 109 Around the world bringing to the table an often neglected component of orphan care After discussing why everyone in the world Christian and non Christian alike should care to the core about caring for orphans In Pursuit examines a framework from family to spiritual formation and a whole lot in between of what excellent best practice orphan care l. This book is essential reading for anyone who is involved in orphan care or who has a heart for the oppressed From beginning to end this book challenged my notion of what it means not only to care for orphans but to do it with excellence Darke and McFarlane cast a vision for orphan care that incorporates all aspects of the child mind body and spirit This book is not meant to give the reader a guilt trip Instead it serves to inform the reader of best practices in orphan care and to invite the reader to join in what God is doing to restore what has been brokenAs someone who has spent time in Honduras volunteering with La Providencia this book takes on special meaning for me I have witnessed what God is doing to restore families and this book inspired me with similar stories from Uganda and elsewhere I look forward to participating in the ongoing discussions at wwwthinkorphancom

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