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  • Intimate Desires
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  • 10 February 2018
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Intimate Desires Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Stephanie is almost forty and her life hasn’t turned out the way she planned That doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up and wallow in her misfortunes She has fantasies wild fantasies and she decides it’s time to make them come true Lucky for Stephanie sh. As a woman in her forties I was immediately drawn to this story and the decadent delights it portrays It s a steamy read from start to finish with a fantasy feel to it as the heroine ends up having all her desires met when four young men move into her home These young men are randy sexy and attracted to her and drawn to her youthful body and attitude From that moment on we combine sensual fun along with a burgeoning relationship between the heroine and one of the young men that culminates in a HEA with virtually no big misunderstandings to get in the wayStephanie is reeling from losing her job and her husband and to make ends meet she s decided to rent her house to four young men whose pictures she s attracted to and who inspire a sense of safety in her Upon their arrival her life will never be the same again as she experiences a sexual awakening with all four of them at first but later on one of them stakes a claim that leaves her giddy as a school girl Being with these young men builds her self esteem and inspires her to start her own business as her self confidence blossoms throughout the numerous sexual interludes The age difference is an issue for her but she doesn t dwell on it as the feelings Mark inspires in her are too important to lose She embraces their mutually intense bond and ignores those who look down on them She s a strong willed woman not afraid to voice what she wants both in and out of the bedroom and she s easy to admireMark and the other young men are super sexy with the usual college boy demeanor and language Each man is distinctive in their looks and what they desire in the bedroom but they re all attracted to Stephanie and have a plan to seduce her as they re in agreement that her needs are all that s important He wants though and tells her early on of his commitment to her He s a gentleman to her in public and insatiable in bed but they spend a lot of time talking which helps readers understand their connection He feels that Stephanie makes him a better man and being with her has him wanting to make her proud of him and to that end he becomes a stronger student and works hours to prove he can take care of her He has no problem with their age difference and often has to convince her of its unimportance too He s a charming young man and Stephanie s lucky to have himdarn herTheir age difference was occasionally brought up but it wasn t a big barrier to their relationship The other characters were eually okay with it except for Mark s mother who was a bit nasty early on but everyone came together in the end as they respected Mark s choice as he was a man and knows what a man wants There are numerous sexual interludes one group scene and then smaller couplings throughout the story with each being intensely erotic I wish there had been a bit fewer of these scenes though as they began to overwhelm the story and slowed the stories overall momentum The ending was a bit abrupt and I felt it left some things hanging as well Overall though I found this a decadently delightful read with immensely appealing characters It s every older woman s fantasy and it made for an entertaining afternoon

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Intimate Desires Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Er it takes to make her see they are meant to be regardless of the obstacles that lay ahead He will fight for her because that’s what you do you fight for the one you love This novella contains explicit sexual encounters which include ménage 18 and over onl. Not only were the sex scenes eye opening and amazingly written but the story was fantastic too The guys were all typical college guys and written well They all had their own distinct voice especially Mark I liked reading his point of view He was funny and hot Stephanie was such a likeable character I was really rooting for her to get her happily ever after The scene at Thanksgiving with Mark s family was so good I felt like I was at the dinner table with them Now let s talk about the sex The group scene was just perfect I never wondered who was where or who was doing what because it was explained perfectly I could picture it all in my head It was hot as hell I ve loved all of Celeste s books but this one has to be my favorite Celeste never disappoints

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Intimate Desires Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E has four hot tenants that are anxious to satisfy her needs It was supposed to be one night of pleasure Mark soon realizes he can’t get enough of his landlord Stephanie He doesn’t care about their age difference or what others will say Mark will do whatev. Intimate Desires is the first romanceadulterotica novel I ve ever read and I must say it was uite the crash courseThe setting a large Victorian home owned by a sexy but stifled woman who decides to rent out the spare rooms to 4 young studs attending college nearby That s really all you need to go onThe buildup to the inevitable which is the perfect length is laden with tension and thoroughly enjoyable The characters are drawn well if a little stereotypically and Stephanie herself is nearly as desirable to the reader as she is to the tenants of her home though my attention was drawn slowly away from her as the prospect of the first shall we say encounter came careening over the horizon like a ferocious sex crazed pack of tigersSomething that amazed me about this book is that it swept away many of the preconceptions I had about adult novels When it comes to the down and dirty Miss Carrara pulls no punches The act is played out in its full very graphic glory yet still manages to hit a tender note in closing The wondrous thing is the unlikely yet sweet relationship between a young man and a woman nearly twice his age It provides an interesting exchange as Mark gains experience and grows with Stephanie and Stephanie regains her wild vigor and youth with MarkThere are a few places where the pace slows but this wasn t a problem The characters a bit one dimensional at first become a little fleshed out in the uieter moments which makes for a enjoyable read overallAll in all an enjoyable read and I can definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a very wild and steamy romp