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Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Adam Roberts Jack Glass Review ☆ 106 Adam Roberts Í 6 Free download He plays with the genre whatever uestions he asks of the reader Roberts never loses sight of the need to entertain Filled with wonderfully gruesome moments and liberal doses of sly humor this novel is built around three gripping HowDunnits that challenge notions of crime punishment power and freedom. PrologueDear readers I fear I have to convey a terrible terrible tragedy to you The fifth rating star was murdered and now lies dead in front of you But the strangest thing is that we already know who did the killing It was a collarboration of the remaining four stars who have fled into this review It s like in the novel Jack Glass where we are told who is the murderer in all three cases within the book right upfront in the prologue So follow me into this murder mystery review and help me catch all four stars One of them is hiding within each part of the review Can you spot and point out all the four stars If you want to play please point out the stars in spoilers so everybody can speculate on their ownEventually I m going to reveal the location of the four stars in a spoiler comment later on Part 1 StructureJack Glass has a uniue build up It consists of three interlocking murder mysteries Part one acts as a general introduction of Jack Glass as a character the main story is told in parts 2 and 3 It s very interesting to see that the narrative changes a lot especially between part 1 and 2 and Roberts is able to introduce very distinguishable voices for his main protagonistsPart 2 CharactersThe characters are very well drawn The all male cast in part 1 is a bit confusing in the beginning but it works out in the end The man called Jac and Gordius a fattie who was worshipped as a sun god by his followers have the most characterDiana the main protagonist of part 2 is completely different Her part is light hearted and she has likeable traits but also some aspects that make it hard to be completely on her sidePart 3 WorldbuildingRoberts shows us a very interesting vision of the future He doesn t spoonfeed his information to you and many of his made up words are never explained within the text so you have to refer to the appendixSo as you re putting together the pieces of the murder mysteries you re also putting together the pieces of the society Many people live in artifical bubbles orbiting Earth or the neighboring planets and having difficulties to adjust to gravity when on EarthThe society seems to be matriarchal and sexual encounters are often of bisexual nature Yes sex is mentioned in the book but not in a Miley Cirus kind of wayPart 4 OverallPart one is most arguably the weakest part of the novel and on its own I would rate it 35 Parts 2 and 3 are stronger but in the last part I wasn t really that fond of one aspect of the ending view spoilerThe thing with Jack being in love with Diana seemed not very convincing hide spoiler

Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Adam Roberts

Jack Glass

Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Adam Roberts Jack Glass Review ☆ 106 Adam Roberts Í 6 Free download Golden Age SF meets Golden Age Crime in this British Science Fiction Award winner for best novel from the author of Swiftly New Model Army and Yellow Blue Tibia Jack Glass is the murderer we know this from the start Yet as this extraordinary novel unfolds readers will be astonished to discover how. A uantity of blood is spilled in this story I m sorry to say and a good many people die and there is some politics too There is danger and fear Accordingly I have told his tale in the form of a murder mystery or to be precise and at all costs we must be precise three connected murder mysteriesBut I intend to play fair with you reader right from the start or I m no true Watson So let me tell everything now at the beginning before the story gets going Such a promising beginning a sly narration word play and enticing hints A troublesome book very well written cold and only intellectually interesting characters dysconjugate plotting and rather engaging world building The result is a book that is clearly well done but doesn t ever reach that point of emotional resonance or engagementAfter the prologue by the aforementioned sly narrator the first sectionstory In the Box is about seven men placed on an asteroid as part of their prison sentence It will be eleven years before the ship returns so until then survival is up to them A fascinating brutal and uncomfortable character study as the seven men engage in the adult version of Lord of the Flies The reader knowing that a murder will take place lends an interesting tension to the already violent group dynamics I was poised on the edge of a reading seat wondering how and when it would happen Oh and the ending A clever disgusting sueamish solution All this and uotes at

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Read Û PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Adam Roberts Jack Glass Review ☆ 106 Adam Roberts Í 6 Free download He committed the murders and by the end of the book their sympathies for the killer will be fully engaged Riffing on the tropes of crime fiction the country house murder the locked room mystery and imbued with the feel of golden age SF this is another bravura performance from Roberts Whatever games. What a wonderful thing this book is Roberts himself describes it as arising from a desire to collide together some of the conventions of Golden Age science fiction and Golden Age detective fiction He does that beautifully but he does so much Does the book satisfy as a mystery One hundred per cent I d say Of course there are three mysteries and each of them articulates in a different way And each of them pays off beautifully But it s not even scratching the surface of the novel to say that when the narrator promises both to give us the answer in advance and to surprise us with the final revelation it s no idle boastIn Jack Roberts has created a truly uniue protagonist a monster whose pathology we not only understand but applaud and whose bloody crimes we celebrate He also gives us a fascinating and fully realised future whose internal logic opens to us organically with a bare minimum of exposition and then once we ve got the big picture continues to develop and to be enriched with and detail and revealsI also loved the book for its prose style which was elegant and hugely evocative One example when Diana Argent goes to the police station on Korkura to uestion the suspects in the provocatively named FTL Murders we get this description of the placeThey were at a suat white flanked building without windows Jong Il went first then Diana climbed awkwardly out and stood for a moment The grassy odour of olive oil The sound of the cypresses hushing her Beside the building was a swimming pool ten metres across filled it appeared with green tea The shadow from the building printed a trapezoid over the dry grass and dipped its apex into the waterDiana is another of the book s major selling points for me She sees everything with this hallucinatory clarity because it s all new to her She s not only unfamiliar with the Greek islands she s unfamiliar with Earth as a whole She s just come down from the orbital habitats known as the uplands and she s investigating a murder while trying to adjust to the appalling debilitating local gravity Oh and she s sixteen Almost After Jack she s the most vivid and most fully realised character and Roberts draws their relationship the duel of wits between a child savant and a ruthless killer with great subtlety and ultimately with great warmth and tenderness That s my opinion anyway For most of the book you re kept at a certain emotional distance from what s going on the intellectual puzzles and the amazing ideas being important than the characters inner lives But by the end you feel both for the monster and for the innocent which is an astonishing featI agree with the earlier reviewer that this is the sort of book that gets in the way of you doing anything else I finished it in two days when I really needed to be doing other things sucked in tantalised played with false footed blindsided and finally moved

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