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Free read Canyons of Night 107 Read Canyons of Night Until that one fateful night with Slade Attridge a night neither of them would forgetNow fifteen years later both have returned to the island Charlotte to take over her late aunt's antiues shop and Slade to fill the police chief's position Able to read auras Charlotte senses something amiss in Slade but that I think I finally figured what my problem is with many of this author s books They remind me of highly processed diet food It s fat or sugar less but unfortunately also tasteless Plus you end up eating because you know it s diet So at the end of the day your calorie count is the same or above but you haven t really eaten that wellCanyons of the night is uber light extra thin plot not much world building a romance that is mostly uhIt reads easily but it doesn t have much else

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Canyons of Night

Free read Canyons of Night 107 Read Canyons of Night Doesn't stop her from wanting him again That is as long as his dust bunny deputy keeps his paws off her merchandiseHiding a psi injury Slade is afraid of his powerful desire for Charlotte But a series of increasingly violent crimes draws them closer together and into the darkness at the heart of the Preserve 25 stars Canyons of Night moves the CastleKrentzuick s Looking Glass series back to the future and to a new corner of her Harmony world to finish off the trilogy while apparently starting a new series of Harmony books set on Rainshadow Island Slade Attridge had never planned to return to Rainshadow Island but having suffered a grievous injury to his hunter talent and on the verge of psi blindness after a fifteen year absence he s back to play sheriff while pulling together plans for his soon to be talentless life Having also recently returned to Rainshadow to take over her late aunt s antiue shop Charlotte is no longer the geeky young girl with a crush on the older Slade who long ago played knight in shining armor and also took her exploring in the forbidden Preserve but she is still captivated by Slade Taken on it s own or as the start to the books set on Harmony s Rainshadow Island Canyons of the Night was a cotton candy read enjoyable but without much substance Both of the pair are likeable for the most part although during the reunion that serves as our intro to our now grown up leads Charlotte comes across a bit naggy with Slade whose dust bunny pal is on the loose around her precious antiues But except for a minor snag on their first date they are pretty much a done deal from the start so their relationship just flows along to their happily ever after Taken as the final chapter in the Looking Glass trilogy however Canyon of the Night was pretty thin There a few of the lethal devices make an appearance along with a key artifact but the wrap up to the three book saga was just plain anti climatic with the villain popping up out of nowhere at the end and then the classic cartoon villain pitfall leading to defeat the monologue Since this is the Rainshadow series starter there are at few characters introduced and threads left hanging with respect to the mysterious Preserve So Canyons of Night was pleasant enough if not all that satisfying and I ll likely read the next one and hope for a bit ghost hunter action the next time round

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Free read Canyons of Night 107 Read Canyons of Night There are as many mysteries aboveground on the world of Harmony as there are underground The island of Rainshadow is the setting for one of the greatest of those secrets the privately owned woods known only as the PreserveGrowing up on Rainshadow Charlotte Enright knew better than to ever go into the Preserve I don t know who the girl on the cover of this book is supposed to be because it in no way is the heroine of the book Maybe it s the hero s side piece in a few yearsAnyway another okay read in this very hokey but kind of fun world that is taking place on another planet in the future The romance in this one was better than the last one because you actually believed the couple liked each other That helps when it comes to love stories These two met as teenagers and she had a major crush on him and now are meeting 15 years laterLet me again state how absolutely crappy the sex scenes are in this series It is so bad that it makes me laugh I m going to spoiler this uote because it is very explicit so watch your virgin eyes and don t open it if you don t understand the phrase wham bam thank you ma amview spoilerHe stroked once twice and then his climax tore through him hide spoiler

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