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Download â Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Centerburg might be your town Grampa Hercules and his never ending tall tales Dulcy Dooner the uncooperative citizen unbusinesslike Uncle Ulysses and his friendly lunchroom the flustered sheriff the pompous judge they are all as American as they come But there's a subtle and delightful difference In Centerburg along with the routine of day to day living the most preposterous things keep happeningBut nothing. Annnd Homer is at it again Trouble mayhem and chaos just seems to circle him like satellites I know the feelingbut it s much fun to read about Homers experiences than tolive through minehe seems to skin across the surface of trouble unscathed a uality I greatly admire Written very tongue in cheek this is a wonderfully uaint look back in time that anyone of acertain age will enjoy

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Download â Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ves The Hide a Ride Looking for Gold Ever So Much More So Experiment 13 Grampa Hercules and the Gravitty Bitties Pie and Punch and You Know WhatsMr McCloskey's characters have warmth and kindness and a healthy curiosity; but they are not above a few minor faults and foibles They are unmistakenably alive Like Mr McCloskey himself they are perpetually amused by the everyday hazards and discrepancies around th. Homer and the residents of Centerburg OH are back with crazy stories tall tales and wacky inventions Kind of a collection of short stories feels a lot like episodes of The Andy Griffith Show Grandpa Herc s stories and the almost trouble they get him into hayfever sufferers worst nightmare nearly coming to pass the curse of the song that get s stuck in your head and If small town Americana is your thing you will love this Content notes Non politically correct and not meant to be derogatory but accurate for the time period portrayed descriptions of other people no other language issues No sensuality but some partial nudity in one of the illustrations and complete nudity in the story as it s talking about a guy trying to take a bath Only possibly violent things I remember some people might have gotten smacked on the head no lasting damage

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Download â Centerburg Tales: More Adventures of Homer Price ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Fazes Homer Price Ragweeds taller than fire ladders music that sets a whole town dancing he solves these problems calmly and efficiently Homer Price is a boy with a good supply of common sense and ingenuityHomer's Grampa Hercules is a delightful old rascal and his extravagent reminiscences of his youth are the starting point of many of the episodes The chapter titles are as enticing as the chapters themsel. OK this is a weird book It s a seuel to Homer Price but whereas that book as far as I remember was whimsical but ultimately not fantastical this one crosses the line into a couple of strange fairy tale like stories We start with tall tales told by Grampa Hercules many characters derive their names from classical mythology with no other discernible connection to their namesakes and the delight the kids take in them They re amusing though with some troublingly racist by 21st century standards anyway attitudes towards Native Americans but clearly tall tales told by Grampa we re not expected to believe them Then however we move into two further stories both of which are unabashedly fantastical but presented as real events One is about a guy who inherits seeds his crackpot inventor relative left him which turn out to grow giant ragweed Why anyone would want to develop giant ragweed remains unexplained though the resolution is at least amusing The next and final one is eve overtly fantastical a mysterious stanger puts an unnamed record in the juke box Anyone who hears the song literally can t stop singing it and dancing in an overtly fairy tale scenario The cure is implausible and there s no explanation for why the guy would have put the record in the juke box anyway Moderately entertaining but disjointed and perplexing Redeemed somewhat by McCloskey s expressive illustrations

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