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CHARACTERS Ç CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ✓ Randy Russell Randy Russell ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ È Dead Rules A was sure Michael would rush to her side soonPartBut things aren't going according to Jana's plan So Jana decides to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true no matter what rules she has to brea. Words cannot even describe how excited this book makes me So I leave you with my excitement askdfjaslkfj a sjasljfasfasNow that I ve had my spasm I stand by my words when I say Randy has created a completely fascinating world in Dead Rules Jana is the COOLEST protaganist and I want to be her friend in real life Too bad she s fictional and well deadDefinitely worth reading This is one killer of a book that can live up to the hype no pun intended


CHARACTERS Ç CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ✓ Randy Russell Randy Russell ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ È Dead Rules Of the classroom with his beguiling blue eyes mysterious smile and irresistibly warm touchUsMichael and Jana were incomplete without each other There was no room for Mars in Jana's life or death story Jan. I received my copy of DEAD RULES fromARCycling Thanks guys If I rated DEAD RULES for the first 300 pages the rating would be around 05 stars That s how bad it was Yet the last 70 pages were actually pretty good If the rest of the book matched the ending it would have gotten at least a 3 star rating maybe fourHow could there be such a huge change in the last 70 pagesWell if you know me you know how much I love weird uirky Tim Burton esue things They re my favourite things Ever If it s advertised a Burton esue I ll be there no matter how low the ratings are or how unknown the book is Like this One reviewer called it Burton esue and boom I m here I was disappointed but then I wasn t Weird I know but let me explain before y all go storming off pg 1 pg 305 wtf is this It s stupid and demeaningpg 306 pg 376 view spoiler view spoilerdon t tell anyone but I liked this part hide spoiler

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CHARACTERS Ç CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ✓ Randy Russell Randy Russell ✓ 1 FREE READ FREE READ È Dead Rules Till deathJana Webster and Michael Haynes were in love They were destined to be together foreverDoBut Jana's destiny was fatally flawed And now she's in Dead School where Mars Dreamcote lurks in the back. This is so disappointing because I wanted to love this book The premise that recently dead teens go to schools to learn how to be dead looking exactly as they did at the moment of their death It sounds right up my alley As if I needed anything else to hook me I loved the idea of the main character being so desperate to be reunited with her still living boyfriend that she d plot his death Then they ll be together forever I really wanted to like this book I feel like I should have been able to like this bookBut The world building was confused and incomplete In this afterlife high school there are Risers good and Sliders bad What s the difference A Slider was actively doing something bad at the moment of their death Risers weren t That s it That s the difference So a really terrible person will if not actively being bad at the exact moment he or she dies will become a Riser and it s implied though never outright stated will eventually go to heaven And vice versa But I don t really know exactly what happens to the dead teens when they eventually leave school I don t even really know why they re in school Nobody at the school really seems to know either Or care for that matter But I do care and it bothers me that so much of the setting much that I think is important was completely ignored I wonder if Russell was thinking this could be a series or at least a reusable setting and that he wouldn t have to answer all of the uestions in one book Honestly I would have taken the gaps better if I d known there was eve if I didn t intend to read itIt probably would have helped if there d been a few likeable characters in this book Nearly all of the characters are either awful people or boring Awful Jana s still living boyfriend Michael Boring Jana s dead love interest the too perfect Mars Awful Sherry who s moving in on Michael Boring Jana s dead roommate Arva There are really only two bright spots Jana herself and Mars s sidekick Wyatt Jana is painfully obsessed with Michael smothering and single minded If it weren t kind of funny it d be unbearable I feel like a terrible person but I couldn t help laughing every time Jana would carefully consider murder methods Nothing that would leave too much of an impact Maybe a nailgun to the back of the skull So yes she s kind of awful but at least she s amusing about it Wyatt on the other hand is actually a cool guy I m not sure how he made it into this bookI did like the underlying idea that completely giving yourself over to a relationship the way that Jana did for Michael isn t good for you and will only lead to disappointment and heartache Maybe something that needs to be in YA But view spoilerhaving Jana immediately move from a relationship with Michael to a relationship with Mars totally undermines that message hide spoiler

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  • Dead Rules
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  • 14 October 2018
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