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Engaged with the Boss review ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB He decided to turn tabloid news in his favor If Jolie Carson posed as his fiancee the press would leave him alone and he could conduct his own investigationOf course Jolie agreed to Devin's proposition she'd secretly loved her b. HI 1306 25 stars

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Engaged with the Boss review ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Oss for six long years Being so close to Devin only made her desire grow stronger though the danger was not just to her heart Because someone was after the Kendall family and Jolie's pretend engagement had made her the next targe. Review to come

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Engaged with the Boss review ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Situation Fake EngagementScandal could not touch the Kendall family not with the unsolved Christmas Eve murders looming over their heads So when eldest son Devin was caught in a compromising situation with his executive assistant. This is a follow up book from Detective Daddy by Mallory Kane Both books were really good The Kendall family is a close bunch Their parents were murdered when they were little In the book Detective daddy we found out Ash grew up to be a cop Their parent s murder was never solved With every case that Ash solves he knows he is helping other families Natalie is the youngest Devin and Ash are both very protective big brothers Detective Daddy ended with the parent s murder case being re opened The person that had been found guilty was found innocent many years later and was exonerated He was released from jail A short while later he was murderedEngaged with the Boss picks up with the Kendall family being thrust in the spot light They had to fight against reporters threats and someone stalking Natalie The action and romance between Devin and Jolie heats up Jolie has been his executive assistant for six years The first time they shared a kiss or heated up the sheets a reporter snaps a picture of Jolie leaving Devin s apartment Devin didn t want the world to look down on Jolie He came up with a plan to tell the world that he and Jolie were engaged Jolie had secretly been in love with Devin for years so it was not hard for her to pretend to love him Devin and Jolie became closer as they went through break in s explosions and other threats against them I love this action packed romance The banter between all the characters was really good There were also a few funny moments in the story Sample from chapter I don t deserve you Jolie I don t know how to go about this properly and I know it s not for real but here goes He dropped to one knee and held her hand in his the ring poised in front of her ring finger He stared up into her eyes feeling as if the world had ground to a halt waiting for hat was next His tone low his words soft and insistent he spoke Jolie Carson will you wear this ring and be my fake fianc e

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