(Free) Nora Sunfire #26 ☆ Jeffie Ross Gordon

  • Paperback
  • 216
  • Nora Sunfire #26
  • Jeffie Ross Gordon
  • English
  • 17 July 2018
  • 9780590410120

Jeffie Ross Gordon ï 9 characters

Free read Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Jeffie Ross Gordon Jeffie Ross Gordon ï 9 characters review Nora Sunfire #26 Es a handsome stranger who is arrested for robbery Even so she falls in love with him If only she can prove his innocenc. When you re in bed with a cold there ain t nothing better than only mildly accurate historical romances starring ringletted redheads and gray eyed amnesiacs I have to say the ending went a little fast

Free read Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Jeffie Ross GordonNora Sunfire #26

Free read Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Jeffie Ross Gordon Jeffie Ross Gordon ï 9 characters review Nora Sunfire #26 The earthuake has destroyed her city but not her dreams As companion to a wealthy San Francisco socialite poor Nora gets. See my review of Amanda for my general review of the series After 15 books the 350 page Sunfires gave way to flimsier 200 page volumes and there is a slight but general uality decline This is one of the short onesJeffie Ross Gordon only wrote two of the Sunfires and after re reading Nora I ve owned it for years I am looking forward to her other contribution to the series Every good Sunfire heroine has to grow up in some way but she s usually a sympathetic character both before and after Not so with Nora Brady She grew up poor in San Francisco but by 1906 Nora has a job as a companion and secretary to wealthy Mrs Wainwright and well it s made her a little uppity She s feeling a little too good for her Irish roots a little ashamed of her shabby home and little too determined to convince her sweetheart that he really wants to be a banker rather than a pioneering aviator Because all Nora wants is to be filthy stinking rich Why Jamie Duffy puts up with Nora is anyone s guess but put up with her he does and he even hints that he s about to propose and then one day as Nora s walking to work a massive earthuake hits and the city crumbles around Nora s ears Somewhere in the rubble she meets and rescues a concussed man who can t remember his identity And he s carrying a giant wad of cash Hmm suspicious But he s cute and charming and Nora starts to fall for him But in the meantime she can t find her father and brother and she s lost everything Suddenly being rich doesn t seem to be all that important Nora s mental and moral transformation is subtle believable and very welcome I was actually relieved to see her softening up over the course of the book That s not to say I didn t enjoy the details of early Nora s snobbery Her constant wincing and shuddering over her poor and embarrassing family rings really true as reprehensible as it is And she really gets herself caught in some needless lies while trying to impress Morgan One criticism I can offer is that Nora really doesn t have to atone for these lies about herself she s just forgiven but honestly we were running out of book at that point and we needed a resolution stat Gordon s depiction of the earthuake its after effects and the devastating damage is well done Nora s panic is palpable and she responds realistically Morgan is a charming love interest and even Jamie is cutely enthusiastic about his aviation dreams and Nora herself is snappy witty and determined At times her repartee is reminiscent of a feisty 1940s movie heroine Verdict The resolution drags out a tiny bit longer than it needs to or rather the final romantic scene isn t given enough time to gel in the midst of everything else but otherwise good show Ms Gordon This one doesn t seem to be as rare so if you are at all interested in the later shorter format Sunfires go ahead and add this one to the collection

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Free read Ø E-book, or Kindle E-pub ï Jeffie Ross Gordon Jeffie Ross Gordon ï 9 characters review Nora Sunfire #26 A glimpse of the world of the rich and is determined to be a part of it Then the Great Earthuake happens and Nora rescu. Waxing Nostalgic 2 This book is about the San Francisco earthuake of 1906 At first I do not like Nora She is selfish and unpleasant Fortunately the tragedies that she sees from the earthuake help her to grow and look outside of herself